Songzhuang Art Museum / DnA


Location:Songzhuang town,Tongzhou distant,Beijing,
Project year:2005-2006
Photographs:Savoye/Ruogu Zhou

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Songzhuang Art Museum is the first public art facility built in this well-recognized contemporary Chinese art village 45 minutes drive out of Beijing city. With around 4000 artists living in Songzhuang area by 2008, this Art Museum provides a platform for local community.


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The exhibition space is lifted up to create a welcoming horizontal flow with multi-purpose on ground level, to host exhibition, events and casual common area. The second level is rather introversive art space with only sky light or courtyard light. The surrounding landscape does not necessarily intrude; here, art is the view.

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    The surrounding landscape does not necessarily intrude; here, art is the view.
    ================art prison

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    so much dead space!!! a little confused by the stair.. it shouldnt take away from the art… your not going there to look at a stair that’s not even well designed.

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    The vast interior and the saw tooth skylights remind me of Dia Art foundation in upstate New York. Nonetheless, it seems quite nice except for the stairs handrail which is completely out of sync with the rest. (the clean, simple planes through out the museum Vs. the busy criss-crosses of the handrial)

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    is it? but i suppose that the stair is the only detail in front of the huge white wall,especially the handrail.what if a architecture without detail?

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