Zaha Hadid’s One Thousand Museum Tower for Miami Revealed


New renderings of Zaha Hadid Architect‘s 215 meter-high One Thousand Museum Tower in downtown Miami have been released. As the first Zaha Hadid-designed skyscraper to grace the skyline of the Western Hemisphere, the 60-story luxury condominium will mask its program with a prominent concrete exoskeleton. As Hadid described to the Wall Street Journal, the tower is designed with an interest in “how the structure is manifested” so that it may avoid the “generic modernist typology” that is commonly found in Miami.

One Thousand Museum Tower is one of several by high-profile architects that are beginning to take root in Miami, changing the tide of investment from real estate that is solely driven by waterfront locations to architecture that is high-end and luxurious.

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Balcony © ZHA

The building’s 83-condos – ranging from 5,400 to 11,000 square feet and featuring amenities such as private elevators, media rooms, and libraries – will cost $5 and $15 million per unit. Community amenities will include a helipad, a deck with multiple pools and cabanas, rooftop event spaces, a cigar lounge, sun decks and billiards rooms, a fitness center and a screen room.

Pool © ZHA

The ground floor, leasable to commercial space, will aim to attract high-end retail and restaurants within a multi-height corner cut-away of the building. Residents will be greeted by a drop entrance which transitions into an open lobby whose exterior and interior is blended by a continuation of similar materials.  Though the color scheme is largely neutral, areas of accent are planned to bring out points of interest within the building’s interior.

At its base, the podium will function as the community space within the tower that offers a landscape of water features intertwined with pools, saunas and cabanas. At the building’s rooftop, private programs such as a helipad, lap pool, lounge pool and sun deck, along with work out facilities, event spaces and dining areas, will be divided up amongst a series of alternating levels.

Pool Deck © ZHA

The tower’s massive concrete exoskeleton, standing in stark contrast with the delicate and transparent glazing system, will form delicate curves around the curtain wall system to conceal a series of platforms and balconies. This structure will continue to flow over the podium, which articulated with large perforated metal panels, to ground itself at the street level while visually unifying the structure as a single object within the skyline.

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  • Patrick Langford

    Looks like a giant fence blocking the entire city from the water view.

    • Fleh

      What view, for the birds?

    • Hakan KIRKAN

      It will only block the view of other buildings which are already blocking others. Here is a video of this building

  • Patrick Langford

    Looks like a giant fence of buildings blocking the water view. Couldn’t stagger the buildings?

    • smpac

      That’s a city zoning issue

  • James MD

    I love how this is the same project she tried to build in New York (but lost the competition), and nobody mentions it. Way to go Miami, you get New York’s rejected Zaha projects. You should be so proud.

    • Carson

      Ahh ,just beat me to it – yes, looks like Patrik was adamant they they implement his “vision” somewhere that might be a little less discerning. Let’s hope for her sake that Zaha prepares better for her presentation this time, instead of mumbling her way through it.

  • bassel

    In all fairness -and as a Zaha fan; it’s a somewhat above-average tower design, and will probably prove to be Zaha’s most forgettable work. Not hating, commercial crap pays the staff.

  • Gerald Peake

    One of the things missing from most ‘modern architecture’ is a sense of place and style. Hadid’s projects (wherever they are plonked) just seem to say ‘look at me, I’m taller, bigger, better, (with added curves) and that’s because… I’m a woman! Sad really;) Did anyone mention how these curvy spaces are just a waste of heat, light and energy too? Could we please have a return to the understated elegance that only a STRAIGHT line can provide:)

    • Poulin Giroux Alexandre

      The forms look like vegetable architecture.

      It is necessary to stop being sexist and jealous of the work of Zaha.

  • joe

    anything i have to say would be negative……….

  • Yousif El Helw

    it looks like a spiderman costume for a building

  • Anton

    8=======o am i right?

    • Coleston Fang

      ha,just a little bit …

    • Coleston Fang

      ha,sort of…

  • Kelvin Ip

    Zaha, please close down your practice if you don’t want Patrick ruining your name…Zaha, could you please take the lead again?

  • j

    Apparently Miami is fighting Berlin to be the city where all the best architects of the world do their worst building…

  • rachid

    Exo-Structural lines are quite expressive and possibly evocative but that does not make it a good design. The thoughtless and ubiquitous application of the “podium” on high rise towers is criminal. I understand reinforcing a street edge and its scale as well as articulating a building form but why at street level at the human scale where people encounter these buildings are they so cumbersome? Where’s the public gesture? Where’s the permeability? Where’s the welcome mat? This is a big up yours to the world that can’t afford to rent space inside and that’s a shame. I’d expect more from an average architect so to see it from ZHA is beyond words.

  • Booh

    Why do architects design for the US anymore. Everyone knows we’re going to run out of money. Stop walking the walk Miami. Just let Shanghai do the talking.

    Ps. A Jr. in college called. they want their renderings back.

  • modulor

    Recently, hadíd´s architecture remindes me always of open legs…

  • Devin du Plessis

    Parametricism is a new style these issues will be ironed out it will just take 10 or 20 years be patient! It’s been the same way since Gothic Architecture.

    • Ralph Kent

      This patently isn’t parameticism. ZHA don’t do parametricism – it is arbitrary form-making masquerading as parameticism. I think if you want to find parametricism you’re better off looking at the likes of Bearth & Deplazes / Miller / Maranta and any number of Swiss architects who have to work to such tight codes that the building form is generated by true parameters, not Patrick / “Choo Choo”‘s will, pretending to be a constraint.

  • nima rafiezadeh

    awful design.she repeat & repeat.

  • fan bao

    remind me of the movie Alien…