What’s Up?: 15 Young European Architects / Salvatore Spataro

  • 12 Apr 2013
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  • Architectural Books Publications

Fifteen firms of young european architects show their most relevant works and meditate on the current conditions of design production. while pragmatically anchored to the present, this generation confronts the transition to a different, more cooperative and social, existential situation: to an architecture that can overcome the obsession for individual self-representation and formal and stylistic research in order to contribute to an ecology of interaction.


AFF Architekten – Germany
CAAN Architecten – Belgium
Clavel Arquitectos – Spain
dekleva gregoric arhitekti – Slovenia
dEMM – Portugal
EXiT – Italy
LAN – France
Lassila Hirvilammi – Finland
Metaform Architecture – Luxembourg
MoederscheimMoonen – Netherlands
ODOS – Ireland
Salto Architects -Estonia
Tyin tegnestue – Norway
WWAA – Poland

Publisher: LetteraVentidue
Editor: Salvatore Spataro
Languages: English / Italian
Pages: 208
Format: 17×22 cm
ISBN: 9788862420662

Cite: Hernandez, Diego. "What’s Up?: 15 Young European Architects / Salvatore Spataro" 12 Apr 2013. ArchDaily. Accessed 29 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=358510>