Bjarke Ingels at TED

Cite: Basulto, David. "Bjarke Ingels at TED" 18 Sep 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 22 Sep 2014. <>


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        i think it’s hillarious that you would put zumthor and Valerio Olgiati’s name together, calling them true architects. Okay… Zumthor is a pritzker prize laurette, but Valerio Olgiati isn’t even on the radar for recognized work. So he may be famous in switzerland, big deal. When I see Olgiati give a presentation at TED i’ll shut my mouth.

        I see Bjarke Ingels as a true architect because he is extremely talented in every aspect of the field. He can back his work up. He can talk to people about his projects in terms of reality, and his projects stretch the limits of what is possible in our field today. His buildings just make sense! He may not be doing anything specifically new. However, he is doing what a lot of architects simply aren’t, and should be.

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    You cannot believe how this guy represents “new” approaches (comics, recycling projects…..) as his inventions like we didn’t see that in Koolhaas projects and SMLXL from 10-15 years ago. !!???

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      you should note, he worked for OMA before. It is not new ‘new’, but you can see how he took what he learned from OMA and re-invent it to his own.

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      Koolhaas designed a house, never built.
      Instead, it was recycled to be a music hall, named Casa Da Musica.

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    hahahahahah, morinaga, you deserve award for your comment; I knew he reminded me on somebody, also his pompous a.s.s.

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    architecture. he designed a duck house that only became a duck house once he learned what a duck was. <–is that architecture? i suppose.

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    Well, Bjarke has charisma and well suspended tongue, and skills. But he’s not the best architect in the world.
    Some works are good and over that. But it’s very difficult to stay on that wave. As it was said earlier – he’s a good seller.
    But some comments in his speech are ignorant.
    Comparing China to Denmark e.t.c.

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      Will you please elaborate on that? How is that ignorant?
      To simplify: He is going to China to make a presentation on Denmark. On that way, he must explore cultural (and other) differences and similarities if he is to be successful. What to show, what to accentuate….It all seems so logical, right?

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        architecture full of cheap simplified symbolism,

        “a building that acts like a mountain” wtf??

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    Such a populist.. I really don’t agree with their way of designing.

    It is so logical – that it is hardly logical at all..

    All the cheeky jokes.. all the cheeky projects..

    I wonder how many of their projects really work and have small or no problems..

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    Olgiati is teaching at harvard at the moment, he thaught at the AA in London, at the ETH and at the Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio. Just when we talk about “names” and “status”. By the way, he is on position 7 of the international architect-rankig-list of But as we know, fame is not the stuff that defines a good architect, lets focus on his work.

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    B.I.G. is everywhere – and I think Bjarke Ingles and all his “fresh” and quick attitude towards everything is T.O.O.M.U.C.H.!

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    Really nice presentation from which I got a lot of inspiration and skills. It will be be better to learn the strong points from others rather than to taunt his weakness.

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    I cannot believe the amount of positive feedback for this guy. He’s the worst thing to happen to architecture since flights 93 and 77 on september 11th.

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