Mainz Markthäuser 11-13 / Massimiliano & Doriana Fuksas

Mainz - Francoforte

Architects: Massimiliano & Doriana Fuksas
Site: Mainz,
Client: Wohnbau Mainz GmbH
Structure: Knippers Helbig beratende Ingenieure
Total area: 9,000 sqm
Budget: 14M Euro
Project Year: 2003-2008
Photographs: Moreno Maggi

Mainz - Francoforte Mainz - Francoforte Mainz - Francoforte Mainz - Francoforte

The building complex is located in the middle of the city center of Mainz, Germany.

Mainz - Francoforte

Its existing “historical” facade shown to the Cathedral in Mainz and its new facade to the Rebstockplatz compose the entrances to a halfclosed inner courtyard, a weather-protected “Piazzetta”. This was designed as a half-open, spatially graduated free space, which extends from the underground level over the ground level and the third level, including terraces and access level for the offices and residences, up to the glass roof.

plan 08

The “Piazzetta“ becomes a place of communication between the individual functions of the building. This connection is strengthened by the verticality of the white steles, shaped sculptures which direct the view of the visitor upward and creates a visible connection between the levels.

Mainz - Francoforte

All Areas in the ground floor including trade and service are accessible for pedestrians from the atrium space as well as from the streets. An escalator in the atrium brings you into the underground level with its shops. Residences and offices, if not attached directly to the stairways are accessible through indoor pergolas resp. through daylight provided hallways.

The new facades are pulled tensionful over the entire building complex equally as an item of clothing over a human body.

Cite: "Mainz Markthäuser 11-13 / Massimiliano & Doriana Fuksas" 15 Sep 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 29 May 2015. <>
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    Mainz Markthäuser 11-13 / Massimiliano & Doriana Fuksas:
    Architects: Massimiliano & Doriana Fuksas Site: Ma..

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    Mainz Markthäuser 11-13 / Massimiliano & Doriana Fuksas:
    Architects: Massimiliano & Doriana Fuksas Site: Ma..

  • M


    • Y

      This is horrible!
      There is no reason anything in this project (interior and exterior). It’s just a bunch of gratuitous and false gesture.

      “This connection is strengthened by the verticality of the white steles, shaped sculptures which direct the view of the visitor upward and creates a visible connection between the levels”
      And empty void would have done it better, rather than that poor formalism.

      So sad to see a lived architect falling into such immaturity.

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  • peppy

    interior space is very nice, especially the interpenetration between columns and floors… and the way the light goes through them

  • Skira Yearbook
  • jwc3

    The interior looks pretty cool, but I hate the exterior. Terrible. Looks like the building is wrapped in yesterday’s news paper. In my opinion, this is one of the ugliest projects ever featured on ArchDaily. I feel sorry for the citizens of Mainz that have to look at this eyesore everyday.

  • that’s what she

    the interior is amazing, the exterior is a different proyect…
    i dont understand why?

  • ygogolak

    Exterior is horribly busy. The interior feels like exercise in geometry; ovular floor openings, circular light tubes in the floor, rectangular glazing and then triangles on the columns, why?

    • El Residente

      Why not?

  • Yorik

    Fuksas is a funny guy, I heard one of two lectures of him, it’s always cool… I have the impression, looking at the first picture, that there is a kind of (ironic? critisizing? stigmatizing?) relationship with the built environment, as if saying “okay, so architecture here is made of some fat volumes with some windows on it” (no offense Mainz people, just the neighbouring buildings) and he’s doing some “clown” work… Maybe I’m very wrong but I liked that…

  • alejandro

    Don’t like at all the way the building looks form the outside, as Yorik puts it, it may be a kind of sarcastic clown work but at the end it’s doesn’t pull it off, it looks cold, ugly modern, that kind of modern architecture people tare down thirty years afterwards.
    The inside is other story I do like it.

  • oscar falcón lara

    Wow, Fuksas again showing that there is nothing wrong with having a lot of fun with architecture and historic places. This project has so much going for it, from the interior pierced with light and organic shapes and elements going up and down, the skylights, the exterior finish, the shape and even the interior distribution, a wonderful yet intriguing project. Admirable, awesome project.

    • BKMY

      I’ve been looking at this project for a while now. Studying the terracotta skin for my own project. I still haven’t figured out what are all the systems used here. There are window walls, punch opening windows, and screen spaces. I’d love to get a hold some wall sections – anyone?

  • hybrid

    there’s something eerily ‘soulless’ in much of
    architecture build in germany today:
    too much ‘corporate aesthetic’, too less life appreciation

  • Carlos Martinez

    A sleeping transformer…

  • Wargo

    I like the interiors but the exterior facade look as a ship in a wrong place.

  • urko

    Это Асадов!

  • Arquitetura Anhembi

    Mainz Markthäuser 11-13 / Massimiliano & Doriana Fuksas

  • wartian

    buildings in Germany are often developed in whole urban block and the interior is dominated by a huge center court. Massimiliano Fuksas have done a great job by continuing the characteristic and yet create their own version.

    • hybrid

      …a ‘bankers’ version of banal superficiality, thanks

  • ronin

    I really dont like fuksas, but if you put aside horrible fasade and unlogical construction, i quite like this program of mix used space for habitation and bussines. Almost good project =D


  • Marco Bejarano

    Reading: "Mainz Markthäuser 11-13 / Massimiliano & Doriana Fuksas | ArchDaily"( )

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  • Raquel

    Oh my god this is hedious.

  • K. Eberlein

    Great composite structures inside. Krake Composite did a great job including the difficult project management there.

  • thiago

    Please, someone could give me the right address of this building? I need it for college. tks!