Proville Mediatheque / TANK Architectes


Architects: TANK Architectes / Olivier Camus & Lydéric Veauvy
Location: Proville, France
Client: City Hall of Proville
Architect Chief of Project: Mathieu Berteloot
Site area: 531 sqm
Constructed area: 610 sqm + 90 sqm of terrace
Project year:2008

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The new mediatheque of Proville has to open onto the village and become a place of exchange and culture, a public library and a surprising and enthusiastic place inviting everyone to the pleasure of reading.

situation plan
situation plan

Create a contemporary architecture dealing with the environment and the existing elements. The new spaces created are offering changing atmospheres and lighting effects due to large surfaces of glass and different partitions, patios and nice places where to take time to read, views on the church tower and the trees around. Over roofs and terraces have been thought in which turns grey with the years.


The balance between town and nature’s reached with an environmental approach: large picture windows to take advantage of the natural supplies of heat, and respiring partitions with systematic outside thermic insulation.

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    I don’t see how this is interesting beyond its envelope…
    How is it a mediatheque beyond a couple of lounge chairs, some freestanding bookstacks and maybe a bank of free to use computers? : A typically boring library experience. Wrapperitecture.

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