Noyack Creek / Bates Masi Architects


Architect: Bates Masi Architects
Location: Noyack, NY,
Client: Private
Structural Engineer: Steven L. Maresca
Contractor: Brian Mannix
Project Year: 2009

1252965016-south-east 1252965024-stairs 1252965031-walkway 1252965046-west

The client, a New York actor, sought a retreat for relaxation and casual entertaining on a restrictive narrow lot fronting the tidal estuary of Noyack Creek. The house became a study in architectural theatre: a series of spaces in a carefully scripted sequence that subtly reflect his professional life.


The path begins at the front door where perforated privacy screens slide apart like a curtain, revealing the loft-like living and dining spaces. The direction of the deck boards that make up the flooring is altered to demarcate the path through the space, emerging seamlessly to an exterior waterside deck. A broad stair to the second level, parallel with an interior stair along a glazed wall, acts as tiered seating for entertaining and looking at the water view beyond. Beneath the stair, hidden backstage for maximum privacy, the guest room shares the water view through a nearly hidden sliding door. Guests emerge as if through a trap door.

Continuing up the stair to the second floor, the final destination is the master suite and balcony. The master bedroom is connected to the bath by a bridge overlooking the public spaces below which are lit by the glazed stair wall. Lined with a guardrail of stainless steel cables recalling a fly loft and catwalk, the path culminates in the master bedroom with its wall of glazing overlooking the water.


Windows throughout the house are carefully placed to provide the maximum daylight and water views while maintaining privacy from the nearby neighbors and street. The siding system is manipulated for varying degrees of privacy as well. Comprised of Skatelite, a natural resin panel typically used in skateboard ramps, the siding is water-jet cut with tight joints in areas demanding privacy and loosely spaced in other areas to admit light and air. The texture and color of the siding, in keeping with the budget of the house, reference a black box theatre.

In the end, a house that could have been limited by its small site and budget was elevated by its conception as a stage for memorable experiences.

Cite: "Noyack Creek / Bates Masi Architects" 23 Sep 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 25 May 2015. <>
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  • Bocetos Digitales

    Noyack Creek / Bates Masi Architects:
    Architect: Bates Masi Architects Location: Noyack, NY, USA Client: Privat..

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    Noyack Creek / Bates Masi Architects | ArchDaily –

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    Noyack Creek / Bates Masi Architects:
    Architect: Bates Masi Architects Location: Noyack, NY, USA Client: Privat..

  • Oliver

    great design with good woodwork … very beautiful

  • Arquitetura Anhembi

    archdailyNoyack Creek / Bates Masi Architects

  • CROFTdesign

    Clean design and the interior has great views to the landscape. The only problem with this home (and most American built homes) is their innability to last a significant period of time; the construction looks relatively temporary. Unless the design intent was to recycle the house after a 25 some-odd year period…

  • Emmanuel Marot

    Beautiful contemporary house in Noyack Creek, NY…

  • JJ

    It’s a shame they have to use the cheesy theatre metaphors. It cheapens an otherwise beautifully-executed piece of architecture. C’mon guys, give up the schlock, you’re not fooling anyone.

  • oscar falcón lara

    I like the use of materials in this project, and of course the taking advantage of the outside is a plus here. From the photos it feels more like a retreat more than a house, which is the whole point I get it, just pointing it out, it is very well executed, it’s boxy but interesting.

  • Andrew Geber

    dangerously close to what i had in mind for my home :o
    but i like it because of it

  • Andrew Geber

    Reading: "Noyack Creek / Bates Masi Architects | ArchDaily" (

  • Travis

    The only two things that this project suffers from 2 important ommitances: the lack of a front entry closet (I’m sure after driving up you’d like to doff your coat or hat), and a proper master bedroom closet — do you live out of your suitcase once you get there?

    Otherwise, it’s a nice project. I really like that continuous interior/exterior stair and the double height space above the kitchen.

    Actually, another thing is the terrible landscaping…I’d hate to have to mow the first minute I made it there (since I’m sure it grows while you’re away…)

  • Travis

    Ohhhh that’s a horrid first sentence…

  • frank Wilson

    I do not want to say a thing about the box outside, but the interior is very intriguing. I like the composition and use of several textures, lots of visual movement, great use of perspective and the use of natural light into several dramatic areas.


  • sozcelykk

    what about price?

  • David Basulto

    I love how the house is completely open to the exterior. Something you can´t do on another site… the surrounding forest plays a key role here.

  • Paul Ong

    Materialism and Consistency at its Best.

  • Joel Linn

    RT @moldingdesign: Noyack Creek / Bates Masi Architects: Architect: Bates Masi Architects Location: Noyack, NY, USA Clie