Hopfenburg / Spine Architects

© Oliver Heissner
© Oliver Heissner

Architect: spine architects
Location: Hamburg-Altstadt,
Client: Cogiton Projekt Hopfenburg GmbH, Hamburg
Structural Engineers: WTM Engineers GmbH, Hamburg
Building Services: Energiehaus, Hamburg
Project area: 2,500 sqm
Project year: 2008-2009
Photographs: Oliver Heissner

© Oliver Heissner © Oliver Heissner © Oliver Heissner © Oliver Heissner

The name “´Hopfenburg” has historical connections. It was here at the beginning of the 20th. Century that hops were stored and beer brewed. The seven-storey building with its highly ornamental façade was over the years constantly altered and rebuilt. The upper storey was added in 1991.

© Oliver Heissner
© Oliver Heissner

To fit the contemporary needs of the modern office block, it was necessary to gut the entire office space, resulting in a confrontation with the stimulating synthesis between the historical facade and the specific needs of the interior office space. The decision was taken to develop a unified concept for the whole building whereby the materials, surface areas and colours would harmonize together.

The building’s façade is being considered for a preservation order and therefore could not be altered in anyway. The only changes that were allowed were a frameless wood main door and a panorama window on the ground floor.

© Oliver Heissner
© Oliver Heissner

A ceiling high sheet of light, made up of round wall lights encased in metal holdings, awakens the curiosity and guides the visitor into the building.

The building with its special layout lends itself to a division in three areas. The ground floor is reserved as a gallery. The above two floors offer a rented space of about 100 sq. metres, and 200 sq. metres respectively. The floors 3 – 5 will offer space of about 280 to 300 sq. metres each.

© Oliver Heissner
© Oliver Heissner
© Oliver Heissner
© Oliver Heissner

The backbone of the whole project is the striking custom-made furniture element. These distinctive structures are exceptionally inventive but also functional and with their up to the minute architectural design provide a dynamic contrast to the historical building itself.

With their special geometry, their convoluted forms and spatial details these pieces of furniture extend throughout the entire length of the building’s open office space. They also outline the secondary rooms, for example the toilets, and the pantries as well as providing integrated storage space. The whole element is equipped with coved lighting that emphasizes the floating element of the constructions.

Cite: "Hopfenburg / Spine Architects" 15 Sep 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 24 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=34976>
  • Jason

    Very nice lighting. Well done.

  • salton

    Sensitive and shows great understanding of architectural form, lighting, and materials.

  • teddy

    I guess it’s all white…
    Couldn’t resist.

  • Michael

    Are there any drawings?
    It would help make sense of this.
    I really don’t understand how these office(?) spaces on the upper levels are supposed to work.
    The cushions on the window joinery are curious.
    Are they;
    a) a poorly integrated architectural attempt at interior design
    b) a desperate attempt by the client to try and add some life to the space!?
    I would love to see these shots re-taken three months after the workers have moved in…..

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    using white color and hidden light makes the interior look clean, virgin, and quiet.

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