Wender Police Station / Studiobase Architects


Architect: Studiobase Architects | Ming-Wei Huang
Location: Taipei,
Project team: Hao-Min Hsu, Nelson Lin, Chao-Yu Chen,Yin-Yin Cheng, Chien-Nun Sun, Chih-Jen Wang, Can Ho
Site area: 3,270 sqm
Total floor area: 2,943 sqm
Budget: USD $1.41 million
Project year: 2009
Photographs: Wei-Ming Yuan, Jeffrey Hsu

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A Dislocated Spiral

Police Station is never recognized as a legitimate building type, yet it has been built everywhere. Our task of W Police Station is to create a distinct form for this everyday institution, also to respond to its functional interior and perplexed urban environment.

site plan
site plan



The site for W Police Station lies in the heart of Taipei’s new Technology Park. Located at the junction of two heavily trafficked arteries, the W Police Station poses like a stone standing in torrents. The sculptural and dynamic form results largely from set-back regulations, thus the hovering part at the end of spiral volume creates a shady resting corner for pedestrian.




The donut-like building plans are read as a parti which we call “core & loop”. On the ground floor, the central core is occupied by armory/equipment room and superintendents’ offices, surrounded by a wide loop of open working areas. On the second floor, the core turns into a courtyard, surrounded by a loop of officers’ bedrooms. The courtyard does not only serve the bedrooms as a common green, the lawn also cools down the armory below. The opening gap between the courtyard and the corridor allows stairs to penetrate, also improves the interior ventilation and illumination.

Cite: "Wender Police Station / Studiobase Architects" 16 Sep 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 22 Sep 2014. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=34900>


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    front facade in the main image looks like a demented face.

    other than that its a pretty cool building i think

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    Cool!!! A leap forward.
    Never thought of a police station like this could happen in taiwan.
    I love it, must go there and take a look sometime.

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    The facades are very cool, specially the windows… the central courtyard is a welcome feature I bet, for the officers working there. I like how they used large windows to the inside. Nice project.

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    the lamborghini must be a impounded car…
    or some cop on the take! lol

    the building is nice though.

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