Park Block Renovation, Luqiao Old Town / TM Studio

  • 22 Mar 2013
  • Retail Selected Works
Courtesy of

Architects: TM Studio
Location: Luqiao, Taizhou, , China
Architect: Tong Ming
Area: 10,500 sqm
Year: 2008
Photographs: Courtesy of TM Studio

Courtesy of TM Studio

Park Block is sited within Luqiao Old Town, on the east of a 4km long historic street that is and was vital to the town. With respect to the site’s existing conditions, the city’s park is located on the south, and a busy street filled with retail outlets to its north, thus the park block is an intersection between these two zones – allowing it to be a juncture with layered intents.

Courtesy of TM Studio

The project comprises of five buildings, with the design intent of making a connection between the different urban fabric and scale of the surrounding environment. The spatial hierarchy and a use of different textures allows for a layered visual medley. The patterned windows, reticulating walls, wedge-shaped openings and window glasses, which are made in various materials and scales, can be appreciated independently as a single element, or grouped together in twos or threes and appreciated in different configurations. The architecture elements are on a neutral optical field, and are not in contest visually.

Courtesy of TM Studio

The resultant chaos from the many textures and scales is a response to the character of the town’s growth – each section develops independently, in its own manner, but one is still able to appreciate the city as a cohesive whole – a jumble of parts that somehow come together providing a unique sense of place and atmosphere.


This design intent was a good strategy for the construction process, as the coordination for this project was done from some distance. As such, the control over the finer details of jointing, materials, colours and textures were intentionally relaxed. The construction progressed organically, simulating the growth and development of a city.

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  • fatemeh from Iran

    the details of this biuldig are are same of Iranian architecter….?
    جزءیات این ساختمان شبیه معماری ایرانیه !!!!!!!!!!

  • fatemeh from Iran

    the details of this building are similar to iranian’s historical building. architect of this building is copyer. you can search about (اورسی کاری)

  • shen

    You guys are so narrow minded, being original doesn’t mean good architecture. Dare you say your designs have got no trace of Corbusier, Mies, Meier so on and so on, are you copy cats too?

  • faxiangao