Seckach Town Hall / Ecker Architekten


Architects: Ecker Architekten
Location: Seckach,
Client: Gemeinde Seckach, vertetren durch
Construction Area: 1,550 sqm
Project year: 2002
Photographs: Constantin Mayer, Köln

1252531904-01-facade 1252531917-03-council-chamber-daylight 1252531925-05-stair-to-council-chamber 1252531944-10-gap-between-buildings

The project is the result of an invited competition. In the context of two historically protected buildings, the useable area of the existing city hall was to be doubled. The demolition of modifications from the 1950’s and 70’s and restores the historic structures to their former proportion. This surgical removal created a 10 -meter gap allowing the insertion of a new building, housing council chambers, offices, kitchen facilities, and archives. To mark the contrast between modern and existing facilities, the new structure is clad with a locally-quarried stone and the fenestration is expansive. The roof forms a hyperbolic paraboloid, allowing the appearance of a flat roof at the front and rear of the building while providing a maximum pitch of 12 degrees.

ground floor plan
ground floor plan


The split-level plan of the new building connects the two extant structures which formerly had no single level in common. The transparent lobby opens to a new town square and is an inviting orientation point for the entire complex.

Cite: "Seckach Town Hall / Ecker Architekten" 13 Sep 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 29 May 2015. <>
  • Fudge

    Obviously some nice detailing… but it looks like a dogs face….

  • Robin

    I’m never a huge fan of all those brown German buildings, but this one looks like it was built with respect towards its surroundings. I like that.

  • T.Nowicki

    exterior is mediocre, but interiors and views from inside are great

  • vitsee

    clinical and dull

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  • Steele

    Clinical and Dull? I find it refreshingly free of the pretentious geometric gymnastics that currently overwhelm architecture.

    Very nice! Very nice?

  • majchers

    What the heck is this?! On its own not bad, very good detailing but horrible architectural match. I am always for new and modern (even if it’s -nistic only) but there is nothing to be proud of here as a whole.

  • Magda

    I like it very much, cause I’m truly tired of all the trendy or sterile arch now most appreciated.

    Think it will stay same beautiful plenty of seasons and arch moods to come.

    • majchers

      Magda, are you also one of those chaotic nihilists opposing anything anywhere just for the sake of it? And I hope you do not pee in the middle of the main square just because it is simply cool.

      P.S. Sorry for my harsh words but you asked for it.

      • der Bob

        Dear majchers,

        This forum, for many international students, colleagues and professionals, is an incredible resource. Since its inception, great efforts have been made to illustrate and document developments in architecture that has a depth beyond what one finds in any architectural periodical. The fact that the readership can exchange opinions on the presented projects adds a dimension that no publication can rival.

        Personal attacks, however, berate those who courageously contribute with positive disagreements, incomplete thoughts or a less-than-perfect command of the English language. Invectives reflect poorly on their acerbic authors, and ultimately degrade the content and value of the work submitted.

        In the best interests of the community that uses this forum as a positive source of reportage in architecture, I amicably ask you to concentrate on the architecture, and to leave the harsh words by the wayside.

  • majchers

    I apologize.

    Yes, I should not be personal and yes, I should be more careful with my choice of words.

  • mehdy

    i like it too much.
    german architecture with perfect details ,simple and reasonable spaces.