Facebook Fan Page: Top 10 websites of architecture offices


A great part of our day is spent browsing architects websites looking for new works to share with our readers, and we have noticed that some are very good, while others were such a pain to navigate…  So we decided to go and ask our community about this.

Last week, we asked our Facebook Fans for the best architecture office website they knew. We checked them out and decided the top 10, with no particular order. We looked for the best ones in terms of looks, navigation (is is easy to navigate? Is it fast? Can you go back without reloading the menu? Can you link directly to a specific project?), presentation quality, does it look up to date?, projects (can you sort them by location? by year?).

Also, you will notice that no flash website made the list. That’s because we think flash websites have some dificulties. For example, you can’t link a specific project and Google can´t index most of the contents. So we decided to create a ‘honorable mention’ list with all the flash websites we thought deserve it.

Remember to keep participating through our Facebook Fan Page! The complete list, after the break.

Top 10 Architecture Office Websites

REX / New York, USA:


Studio Under Manufacture / Oakland, USA:


Tamizo / Łódź, Poland:


Herreros Arquitectos / Madrid, Spain:


OSKA Architects / Seattle, USA:


Steven Holl Architects / New York, USA:


Claus en Kaan Architecten / Amsterdam, Netherlands:


C. F. Møller Architects / Århus, Denmark:


UNStudio / Amsterdam, Netherlands:


Stephen Alton / New York, USA:


Flash websites Honorable Mention

DCPP Arquitectos / Mexico D.F., Mexico:


Delugan Meissl Associated Architects / Vienna, Austria:


KONIOR STUDIO / Katowice, Poland:


JDS Architects / Copenhagen, Denmark:


Diller Scofidio + Renfro / New York, USA:


BIG / Copenhagen, Denmark:


Snøhetta / Oslo, Norway


Cite: Jordana, Sebastian. "Facebook Fan Page: Top 10 websites of architecture offices" 09 Sep 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 29 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=34684>
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  • mir

    do check out the website of kenzo tange…

    i think it beats all hands down.


    • ygogolak

      That is a cool website, however I personally hate that the projects can only be seen through pop-ups.

    • http://www.mediconmedia.no/ Sve

      I hope you are joking, cause that site got NO usability. And the design isn´t top notch. Looks like something that got made 6-7 years ago.

    • Edgar


  • shreyank

    oma website is missing out here…. who the hell’s the jury?

  • YES

    LOL delugan-meissl is the worst website I ever seen

  • word

    JDS is a headache to navigate

    • http://www.archdaily.com David Basulto [tricky]

      We picked them because you can categorize the projects in several ways, and they are displayed with big photos. Also, they do use a blog to post news from the office.

    • ygogolak

      Wow, I think that could cause a seizure.

  • Comitant

    Mir, Kenzo’s page sucks. Why do you have to click on the bubbles to see the project list? And if you mouse off they disappear? On top of that the projects are pop-ups. Yeah, great page….

    Most of these sites are sadly+poorly thought out, making me wonder about their building plans.

    Consider Holl’s: First he risks a major contrast issue with the GIANT navigation (resembling what, one of his compositions?) on top of photographs. Then the whole menu structure gets abandoned when you’re inside a project. Bonus for vertical scrolling, but where in the project list are you?

    OSKA – wrong use of scroll content inside tiny box, tiny images. Don’t worry, we’re all not on Asus EeePC’s
    SAA – I feel like I’m going to break those tiny thumbnails with a mouse click. I can barely target them, what is this Counter Strike?
    H – menu redundancy, top and bottom, otherwise pretty good
    Deluganmeissl – Did you really have to change the cursor?

    Tamizo – Great fast content, but where are you in the hierarchy when you click inside a project?
    Studio – the menu actually shifts when you change “pages” – so 90′s, and the big image doesn’t go away with a click.
    Diller – Flippy cards are cool but SO SLOW AND BLURRY, and mouse movement for scrolling suffers turrets syndrome. Plus your page makes no attempt at preloading the next heavy project.

    Konior – Please, how do I get to the content?
    BIG – Really cool click-through slide show, but 2 pop ups?
    Claus – Pop up for a tiny ass image with a tiny ass next arrow?

    JDS – did someone spill some skittles on an Atari?
    Snohetta – Why are you forcing me to choose location when the thumbnails are right there!? Maddening… Oh, tree view (whatever the hell that is) makes it work, but I really can’t wait for your 750k high rez images on the West Coast, mmmk?


    The best site on here is REX because
    a) you know where you are
    b) you can quickly look at the work
    The only usability fault with REX is the atypical horizontal scrolling and on top of that no scroll bars.
    And a nod to UN for good layout and smart use of colors.

  • felipe
  • Mathew

    Not to be negative, but you should also do the top 10 worst websites… it might be helpful… we can learn what works and what doesn’t…

    • robcc

      that would take months to judge if not years

  • viceroy

    check this one: officego.com beautiful website.

    • DA

      The novelty of flash is kinda over now viceroy -…. very rarely are they programmed with any sort of user efficiency/friendliness in mind. This site you mention is a classic example.
      Their analytics (if they even check them) must be unreadable.

      Can you imagine if Arch Daily had annoying music, tiny images, long load times, and stupid beeping buttons all over the place’?
      None of us would come back.

  • http://www.modern-zen.com Somchai

    Has anyone seen the modern-zen.com website? From a user friendliness point of view, you don’t even have to click your mouse to see a comprehensive list of all the commercial and residential work we do. Scroll left or right, and you can see all of our projects. Click on any one image, and the relevant project page loads up. I can’t think of any other way to make this more user friendly.

    • Nati

      Agreed, modern-zen website is very nice. User friendly and innovative projects. I prefer the yellow to the green of the other mentioned website.

    • Moyi

      Modern Zen Architects projects have some really cutting edge designs. I like the villa designs in Thailand…in Samui Thailand and Patutami.

      • Nataya

        Modern Zen Architects Thailand is are a very reputable firm. I I have used them to redesign my house in Phuket Thailand and the new design concept is fabulous!!! Thank you Modern Zen Architects. I will recommend you to my family in Abu Dhabi and Qatar. They need a new modern designed villa.

      • Mai

        I want to thanks you to Modern Zen Architects Thailand.
        They have contribute to our small community already with
        designs and support. Thank you Modern Zen Architect
        Thailand. You have big heart.

      • Nataya

        I find some people very sad. Hard times are had by many.
        I lose many family members in tsunmai and I still happy. You say you lose a little money. You scream out to people poverty
        when you don’t know what is poverty. You are sad people with
        no life. Steamboat fatty has no life and no friends so he
        try to make every body else sad too. We just sad for you
        but not for ourselfs.

      • Bubba

        Nataya says : “We just sad for you
        but not for ourselfs.”

        So it would appear that, as we all knew anyway, these positive postings are indeed postings by the staff at Modern Zen.

        Whoops. Yet another blunder. Keep it going!

      • Bubba

        Oh – and whilst we’re at it, please keep blogging here, employees of Modern Zen. All it is doing is drawing even more attention to our cause. Watch those google rankings shoot up! Many thanks.

      • Nataya

        When I refer to ourselfs I refer to Thai people. I read you blog and you angry with Thai people too…Why you so angry?
        Why do you hate so much? We very sad for you and hope you not crazy for much longer.
        I want to thank Modern Zen Architecture for wonderful
        design again.

      • http://www.blueprint-unique.com Edward

        Very nice designs

      • BE

        We are strong community and Modern Zen Architects Thailand is viry helpful and good to us in our community. Thank you
        Modern Zen Architects for your contributions. These people
        that write bad things
        are viry scary and have nothing in there lifes but to write
        angry things and to make fun of people they no know. That is
        why they have such hard time in life because they are bad. In
        the end I hope they find peace. We all here in Thailand hope
        you evil spirit people in Europe are not crazy for much more time.

      • http://www.modern-zen.com Sumittra

        You are welcome Bubba. Modern Zen Architects Thailand thank
        you for promotion of there designs. People read your blog
        and true think you have crazy problems. Just follow the
        http://www.modern-zen.com website and you will see all new projects.
        In just 7 months we have clients and we grow quick. Modern
        Zen Architects in Thailand say thank you.

    • Nieves

      It is a real copy of the original site of Diseño Earle!!!! By the way, I am one of the unpaid people…

    • Antonia

      I want to thank Modern Zen Architects Thailand for designing my husband and I a stunning house. We are so happy. It’s modern
      yet rustic and fulfills all our requests. Modern Zen
      Architects we’re so easy to speak with and they really
      understand are needs.

    • Jason

      Hey somchai,

      Cool website! Can you help us out with ours?I’ll give you a

    • j

      Modern-Zens website reminds me of California Pizza Kitchen. http://www.cpk.com/ and their projects arent much better. stop blogging about your own firm

  • http://www.vitsee.wordpress.com Vitsee

    i like the Herzog and de Meuron website the best ;)

    • melih

      me too..
      also SANAA is my favourite…

      • Joshua

        zumthor has an amazing one as well. the use of next generation flash really pops.

      • Elver Gun

        What about Gehry´s site?

    • three zed


    • Nati

      hahaha….that’s a good one!!

  • Nick

    yes, mine wins :) luv Rex

  • http://www.muellertruniger.ch andreas

    my answer to this is http://www.muellertruniger.ch

  • Diego Viana

    the best website is http://www.urbanrecycle.com.br/

  • http://map-lab.com Dan

    how about a non-flash category? These menus would be cool in a video game or DVD menu, but it is incredibly difficult to find a specific project on some of these sites. once you get past the “wow” factor, there isn’t much substance to these sites. For me, the best here is Herreros Arquitectos

    • Seb

      Dan, all the sites in the top ten are non-flash. That’s why there’s a specific honorable mention section for the flash ones.

  • nischal

    I would not go for any flashy webpages only if necessary will be good.

    -I feel comfortable as user to click like in UNstudio website rather than scroll the mouse horizontally like in REX or in Herreros Arquitectos.
    -The idea of having bold text next to the images always makes user to understand the project better.

  • http://www.mudeostudio.com Kenny Isidoro

    Unfortunately, architects don’t make the best website designers or critics. A lot of these websites are really poorly designed. Tiny navigation buttons, small images of important content, illegible text, inconsistent typography, lack of hierarchy… there are so many problems with so many of the top 10.

    Out of this list, the best one is absolutely Snohetta http://www.snoarc.no/ with beautiful full screen images and an intuitive interface. Flashy, shmashy, it’s the best one here. Congrats for the honorable mention.

  • http://www.modern-zen.com Somchai

    Hi Folks:

    This is really a very interesting discussion.

    I took the time and looked at most of the sites above. Can someone do the same and also take a look at http://www.modern-zen.com please? This site really had User friendliness in mind (you can see all projects by a simple mouse drag–you don’t even have to make one mouse click!). Speed, user interface, SEO, all were taken into consideration. But, someone else please comment. Would be interested to get useful feedback from a technical and client point of view.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Felipe

      I think the http://www.modern-zen.com website is fabulous. The images and designs are phenomenal. Very easy to navigate.

    • Sumittra

      You are very sad. I work for Modern Zen and very happy. You
      people sound crazy. I hope for you you are happy one day. Why
      are you so aggressive to our SEO man. We do nothing to you?
      To me how you are show you evil person. Thank you for saying
      it is surprising that we already have so many projects and so
      many satisfied customers!! You help us!!!!! It is true, that
      such a young company do so well. Have you seen the new
      projects on http://www.modern-zen.com I think you crazy people
      help us!!!

    • http://www.modern-zen.com Sumittra

      Yes all people should read your blog because it very angry and sad. You say bad things about people you no know and you want bad things to pass to people you no kno. You want bad business for Modern Zen which show you want to harm people that work here. We are no rich like you westerner. You say you have problem with money, but you no real see poor. You no know life here. To have good job and to think some people try to make bad for that. We no understand. Thank you for warning but we are happy and we have job and you try to make bad for people in Thailand. To me that is evil and sad. We hope you no sad for much long.

  • Karlis

    http://www.ja-ja.dk/ this one is excellent as well

  • http://kalettaseidenberg.com rafael

    Please check this: http://www.gonzalezhaase.com

  • -

  • Jason

    http://www.marciokogan.com.br/ is one of the most enjoyable websites to browse.

    Kohn Pedersen Fox has a great website also.

  • J

    Morphosis/Morphopedia is a clear a number one for architects website. I can’t believe you left that out!!!

  • J

    and SHoP

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  • jp

    morphosis has a good site

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  • der Bob

    simple, fast, and informative.
    missing an English translation, however.