Z-house / Hohyun Park + Hyunjoo Kim


Architect: Hohyun Park + Hyunjoo Kim
Location: Gwangju Si, Gyeonggi-Do,
Use: Residential
Structure: Reinforced Concrete
Exterior Finishes: Black Zinc, Basalt, Red Cedar, Slate
Interior Finishes: Paint, Cedar, Pine, Wenge Flooring, Wenge& Zebrano staircase, Slate
Design year: 2007-2008
Construction year: 2008-2009
Site Area: 805 sqm
Gross Floor Area: 287,5 sqm
Building Area: 189,64 sqm
Landscaping Area: 615,36 sqm
Gross Floor Ratio: 26.89%
Building Coverage Ratio: 23.56%
Photographs: Jungmin Seok

1252508182-childs-room 1252508201-entrance-corridor02 1252508344-outside-bathtub-and-sunken-garden 1252508413-view-from-garden

The site is located at Gwangju Si, Gyeonggi-Do, where is not so far from Bundang new town. Surrounded by small houses, it is at the top of a hill with deep slope. First thing to consider is to keep woods on west side of the site. Available area of the site is limited by the woods. Facing a view of mountains on south side, the building is located.

space diagram
space diagram


In composition of space, relationship among programs and circulation are played important role. Ground level, which is divided by kitchen/Dining and living area and upper level, which is divided by children rooms and master zone are crossing at division area. By this manner, space is gradually ascending from entry to master zone.


Next thing to consider is to make dynamic space by changing size of space and by leading sight. High ceiling at the entrance corridor is more emphasized by sunlight through skylight and a wall, which is faced at the end of corridor, inducts eye to dining area. At this point, the ceiling height is suddenly changed by overhead ramp. High ceiling living area appears through low-rise 3step staircase, which is crossing outside water pond and inside plant area. From living area, space bifurcates to library at lower level and to upper level. Master zone, where is a climax in space scenario, is connected by a corridor and a ramp from children’s room at upper level. Master bedroom is entered through open bathroom and powder room and reconnected to entrance corridor.


Shape of the building is planned to follow the space scenario and roof, which is covered by black zinc is wrapping around upper level mass and form a homogeneous and muscular shape. Contrarily, lower level masses, which are covered by basalt, stand rigidly. Water pond and inner plant space are inserted at the crossing point of lower level mass and upper level mass.

Cite: "Z-house / Hohyun Park + Hyunjoo Kim" 11 Sep 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 19 Sep 2014. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=34630>


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    I tried to like this home, but there are still some things which I don’t understand, like the sink under the stairs with the vanity mirror, why are they outside the bathroom? What’s with the emergency ladder reaching from one terrace to another? And why is the lightning so peculiar, also the tonal range, cold white, warm white and then all of a sudden blue?
    But the thing that is most bothersome is the quality of the pictures and the daytime chosen to take them, it just makes the house look ugly, and that is bad, because it is a nice home and it deserves better pictures.

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    very interesting diagram and principle, but i have to admit that the buidling could have had a bit more puristic expression.It seems a bit too much is going on on the facade.

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    nice. i like this project very much, this style design is interesting, i am a Vietnam architect and working in vietnam but i want to working with partner in the world, hope everybody hepl me

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    I’m a little undecided on this. The materials used on the exterior have a timelessness factor, but I find the interior a little too busy – too many things going on. Not to say it’s not a good design as I think spatially it’s beautifully thought out, but if it was me, I would have opted for a bit more restraint on the palette of materials. I just don’t know where to look – the different and contrasting wood grains, the stone tiles, the stainless steel, the lighting! Oh my.

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      i agree. there rooms seem to be exist on their own with no connection to the other functional spaces in the house. this for me really distracts from the expressive but direct exterior. busy busy busy.. i get the impression that the diagram/research was too dominant. the house needs to be brought into one.

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    Now THAT is a bad ass toilet. I could swim in it.
    It is so refreshing to see a house like that in Korea, for the most part all dwellings lack individualism. Huge step in the right place. Congradulations.

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    Wow, I could swim in that toilet!
    It is so refreshing to see a house like that in Korea, for the most part all dwellings lack individualism. Huge step in the right place. Congradulations.

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    It looks like different people designed the exterior from the interior. The form is really interesting but the spaces inside and the chiose of lighting, materials and detailing is quite bad.

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    As an Interior Designer, I can say that the lack of furniture in the pictures only accentuates the inability to make functioning space planning that works. Even the floor plans show a sofa in front of the opening from the Library to the Living space above, but the photo has the sofa sqaushed under the stairs so you have the view from the Library to the outdoors.

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