Day Care Center Competition Entry / Uri Cohen Architects

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With the city of Be’er Sheba standing out in the areas of education, architecture and environment, this proposal for the day care center, which won an honorable mention, is an opportunity for innovative thinking in social services and integration with the community. Designed by Uri Cohen Architects their plan suggests selective exposure to city life for the users, while keeping their privacy and giving the city areas for activities. More images and architects’ description after the break.

entrance 01

Most building spaces are designated for the users, concentrated in the entry level from Bugla st. The rest of the operational functions are located at the lower level , which connected to Ab’a Ahimeir blvd. and the city. Diverse outdoor spaces follows natural topography, combined with building levels: roof promenade and a vegetable garden at the higher part of the plot, amphitheatre patio in the center and a public square at the lower area.

entrance 02

At this part of the building where the cafeteria is located, this space could also be used as a local coffee shop, or storage for product from the vegetable garden or as a multipurpose space.  The plan has two wings: classrooms only for the patients at the west and the east wing with rest of the functions, could be applied for public use in the hours after routine daily activity. Linear  division allows flexibility in the future development of the building.

north street

Alongside designing the conventional classrooms, the design is open for the option of a free room arrangement, with the use of sliding walls the space can be used differently for each activity while enriching the experience for the users. All of the above are an opportunity for invitation for a new way of thinking about and for people with disabilities as part of the social fabric.

Architects: Uri Cohen Architects
Location: Be’er Sheba,
Team: Dalia Munenzon, Yael Gold, Ofir Menachem, Ranny Shor
Client: Be’er Sheba Municipality
Program: Day Care center for adults with developmental intellectual disabilities
Size: 1,600 sq. m.
Status: Competition 2013 (Honorable Mention)

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