Koffka Flagship Store / SUB. Studio for visionary design


Architect: SUB. Studio for visionary design
Location: Bandung,
Project Directors: Dickie Padmawijaya
Design team: Wiyoga Nurdiansyah and Muhammad Sagitha
Contractor: PT. Rekamitra Selaras
Constructed Area: 21 sqm
Project year: 2006
Photographs: Aldy Darwis

1252358105-01gestalt-wall-with-mirror-counter 1252358109-03facade-pushpull 1252358119-06gestalt-wall-with-counter-showing-space 1252358167-11gestalt-wallceiling-pattern

The Koffka Flagship Store situated in Bandung City as a famous creative industrial clothing line. Attention to detail, inviting, giving new way of shopping experience.

We made a  studied of the facade to invite people from a basic simple box with pull and push methods to create a new form that stands out from others.


Interior space with two different functions as a shop and storage defined by a partition. The form creates a space for both sides as a gestalt effect between positive and negative spaces. A curve gives more spaces and effective ways to share for both spaces.

The language of material gives a different way of shopping, introducing artificial green grass as a nostalgic to give a public space, giving people something unique, and a comfortable space to discuss what the best outfits to have.


White light, white floating furniture, and green grass creating a language of architecture as a cold, calm and the colorful products as a focus and accent like a playful grass with colorful toys.


Exposed fluorescence cool white fixed vertically giving a pattern on ceiling to create a depth. Mirror to reflect, continues space, giving illusions but doesn’t introduce new material to keep the interior simple and sleek.

Smart way to reduce the cost with simple and few materials with a very modest budget of US$4000.

Cite: "Koffka Flagship Store / SUB. Studio for visionary design" 10 Sep 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 22 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=34349>
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    Hi guys, a critics for us as Indonesian. Lets use English for international forum for others to understand, so we can share what we’ve done here.regards

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    Not only do I not understand the comments, the description also leaves me with little or no idea of the scheme apart from the admirable $4000 budget. I’d like to see the quality of finish & longevity at this price?

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    sepertinya saya tahu banget gambar2 ini ………….
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  • Edwin eR Be

    I’m so proud being a part in this project last year…
    how to make some dream becomes reality ………………

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    Edwin am I right, it seems from your post you were part of the design team or the designer of this, yes?
    If so could you give us some idea of your brief, eg. what shelf life are you expecting from this store, what footfall etc.
    I am interested as a retail designer myself, with budgets always a huge concern especially at the moment, I am intrigued to know what you got for your tiny budget.

    Thanks Snowy

  • http://www.subvisionary.com doyig

    i think there was a hard working times to analyze materials, details or even craftmanship capabilities to make these happened.
    they understand the desires of alternative (“cheap”) materials have many many possibilities to stretch beyond the retail, beside a common materials.

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