AD Editorial Round Up: Women in Architecture

There are few topics that stir up more controversy on ArchDaily than that of . From those of you who vociferously advocate for women in the field to those who steadfastly purport that gender has no place in architecture at all, you, our readers, represent a wide spectrum of viewpoints and opinions on the subject.

And so, in honor of International Women’s Day, we’ve decided to take a look back at some of our past comment-stirring articles (even more after the break):

Eager for more?

Then why not take a look back at the news stories that defined the state of women in architecture over the past year: from the Twitterverse’s reaction to Denise Scott Brown’s rejected Pritzker petition, to Architect’s Journal‘s great coverage of discrimination against female architects in the UK and the world (see: “The Best and Worst Countries to be a Female Architect“), to a controversy that blew up just this week, when the BBC effectively erased Patty Hopkins (and literally airbrushed her) from its documentary series “The Brits Who Built the Modern World.” And, just for fun, check out our popular 5 Women Changing the Face of Architecture.

If you dare dig deeper into the subject, read more of our opinion-provoking editorials: Alexandra Lange’s “Necessary Hauntings: Why Architecture Must Listen to Its Forgotten Women” ; another of The Indicator, Guy Horton‘s op-eds, “What the Julia Morgan AIA Gold Medal Says About Equality in Architecture“; our take on that “groan-inducing” Guardian article about women making “prettier cities”; and finish off with: “Is Zaha’s latest prize really an advancement for women?

And don’t forget to help out The Missing 32% by filling out their important survey, which will give them the data they need to answer the question of why women are leaving architecture.

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