The West Coast’s Tallest: Wilshire Grand / AC Martin Partners

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Developer Korean Air has recently unveiled the designs for the new 73-story Wilshire Grand tower in the financial district of Los Angeles, California. AC Martin Partners designed the plans for the $1 billion mixed-use office and hotel tower that will reach 1,100 feet, making it the tallest tower west of Chicago once completed.

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Korean Air Chairman Y.H. Cho and Chris Martin, the project’s architect, thoroughly detailed the design, technology, and innovation of the project. Retail and restaurant space activate the street level, as office space occupies the towers mid-section and an extravagant hotel dominates the upper floors.

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The world class tower aims to redefine high-rise hotels with its unique 70th floor sky lobby as well as rooftop entertainment and dining. Included in the hotel are 900 state-of-the-art four-star hotel rooms, bringing a new level of luxury to .

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The tower has many interesting features, including concrete-reinforced hardened elevator shafts that allow elevators to function during a fire evacuation. In addition, it sports a unique roof design: the façade towers above the top story and peaks to create a glowing glass pediment and spire.

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This tower replaces the old Wilshire Grand, which stood as a downtown icon for more than half a century. It was closed in 2011 to allow deconstruction activities. AC Martin’s Wilshire Grand promises to continue that legacy for generations to come and will be a destination for both business travelers and tourists.

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Construction will begin later this year and is scheduled to be completed in 2017. For more information, please visit Wilshire Grand tower’s website or Facebook page.

Courtesy of AC Martin Partners
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    Look’s like it will only be the “tallest” on the west coast via a technicality (ie, only if you include the antenna-like spire)

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    I find it interesting the map shows this building in Haiti. Is Los Angeles expanding per chance?

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