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  • 01 Sep 2009
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Photo by  Jakob Montrasio
Photo by Jakob Montrasio

During the last months, ArchDaily’s community has strengthen. Not only we have 50,000 daily visitors generating intense debates at our website, we also have more than 10,000 fans at our Facebook page and over 4,000 followers on Twitter.

But this is more than just numbers: These are architects debating, architects recommending, architects rating, architects suggesting, architects sharing… an evolving community of architects, with all the benefits this generates.

You have noticed that we do a big effort to present the projects with the best details and drawings as possible, because we are architects and that is the kind of information we´d like to see, and nothing less. That´s why presenting the images has been a big issue for us, and as of now it has become a valuable resource for all the architects that visit us every day.

In this line, we have always had the idea to create a database of architectural products, that can help us when specifying projects. Now I have the pleasure to announce that this section has just been opened, and we are starting it with the help of our first partner, Hunter Douglas Contract.

I think most architects already know HDC, as they are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of window coverings, ceilings, solar control systems and facades, working very close with the architects. On the products section you will find specifications, details and colors for some of their products on a periodic basis (and from more manufacturers in the future). We hope this sections turns into an effective (and helpful) link between the architects and the industry.

This section won´t interfere with our current format of projects and news, and it will stay on its own section. And by no means this will influence our editorial line.

During the following weeks we have lots of interesting projects from around the world that will be featured on AD, along with more video interviews with renowned architects. So stay tuned.

And finally, I´d like to thank you. Your constant feedback has helped us to include more and more architects, more and more projects, more and more details, more and more competitions… making ArchDaily THE website for architects.

Cite: Basulto, David. "Products, a new section at ArchDaily" 01 Sep 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 27 May 2015. <>
  • Archlad

    Thank us…thank you guys for your daily feeds of great architectural content!

  • Yorik

    I hope you’ll make it the same as the rest of archdaily, with large, well-illustrated documents. Personally I’d love to read about materials the same way as I read about architecture here! Why not letting people comment too :) Although it might be dangerous for the vendor…

  • Yorik

    Oops, my bad. it IS the same way as archdaily articles and it IS open to comments. Marvelous job, guys!

  • Tuf-Pak

    Great, great, great!!!!

    Please work to keep it part of this wonderful open forum you have fostered. I’d love for there to be free debate and discussion, even about competing products from your collaborators.

    You’re helping elevate the discourse, let’s work to elevate the quality and availability of the materials we rely upon.

  • a sphere

    best arch. source ever
    Pls keep up the good work

  • gg

    you guys are the best!

  • lester

    wonderful idea.
    a growing site with a growing fan base.

  • Gonçalo Soares


  • Wargo

    Good idea!!!

  • Ala

    Thank you, Archdaily. How about some job postings so that hiring firms and job-seeking architects could meet their needs?

  • Paulo

    Thanks to all the Arch Daily team!!!
    Best arch site on the web!
    Congratulations from Brasil!

    Um grande abraço!


  • Andrew Geber

    awesome picture

    and awesome website too, i’m just going through all 90+ pages :o