Fast Food Restaurant – KFC / PK Arkitektar


Architects: PK Arkitektar ehf
Location: Keflavík, Iceland
Client: KFC Iceland
Design team: Pálmar Kristmundsson and Fernando de Mendonça
Consultants: VSB Engineers
Constructed area: 530 sqm
Project year: 2005
Photographs: Rafael Pinho

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Fast food restaurants like Kentucky Fried Chicken are usually known for the standardized look. The architecture in these places seems to never take much consideration on the specific location and surroundings. In Keflavík the intention was to make a design that would brake with these aspects.


The building volume is a play with black boxes. The main body is a horizontal box lying on the pitch black pavement and two vertical ones who stretch up and out, catching both the customers in their cars on the ground and the skylight from above into the building. The outside is clad with semi matte black tiles sparingly cut out for vertical ribbons of windows, which underlines the cool and sophisticated appearance. The west end of the building is surprisingly sheer glass, which mirrors the big space and opens the building to the street and sea view.


The inside is kept in raw in-situ cast which invites for some interesting play with sincere light, shadow and surface. The fine detailing and light fixtures designed by the architect are a dialog to the standardized menu billboards and brand furniture as they come in brightly coloured synthetic materials.

Dinning area
Dinning area
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    Interesting debate: ARCHITECTURE vs. BRANDING vs. what we expect of BRANDed SPACE.
    Nevertheless above all (nice clean modern box with cool concrete details and Alucobond type facade) I wouldn’t like to eat there.
    Perhaps I would have vodka drink or visit my dentist or solve some administrative problem in a government office but never eat.

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    it is so boringgggggg. looks like a factory outside, and the interior is just like any other kfc, but more boring.

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      “plz advice if any1 knows how to approach KFC franchieses”


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    for me, this design is not appropriate for a fast food restaurant and even the location you can see its little far from the city premises. The design seems to be unattractive to the costumers and the brand’s signature look cannot be easily identified. I thought this is only good for warehouses or offices.

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