New York Firm Designs ‘Cloud’ of Recycled Plastic Bottles

Non-profit art organization FIGMENT asked the question “What would an art pavilion made out of recycled materials and based around the idea of “The City of Dreams” look like to you?”  STUDIOKCA decided that it looks like an earthly cloud made of recycled water bottles; “A place to dream, in the ‘city of dreams’.”

This competition-winning cumulus, entitled ‘Head In The Clouds’, is campaigning to be the central pavilion at FIGMENT’s free art festival on Governor’s island in NYC this summer. The cloudy-centerpiece will contain a stage for events and provide a place for the 200,000 festival-goers to dream and contemplate the changing light.

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But how does one create a cloud? Structurally, the pavilion will be supported by a series of curved aluminum tubes. Its billowy exterior of netted ‘pillows’ will be made from 1 gallon plastic containers, while its interior will be clad with 16 and 24oz bottles colored with a small amount of organic food coloring. In total 53,780 bottles will be used, which is the number of plastic bottles thrown away in each hour; 48,000,000 are thrown away in the US each day.

Courtesy of STUDIOKCA

The cloud will be 40 feet long, 18 feet wide, and 15 feet high at its tallest peak. It will be constructed off-site, disassembled and transported to the Island on a NYC water taxi, where it will be re-erected.

Courtesy of STUDIOKCA

A collaboration between Jason Kimoski’s Lighting Studio, and Lesley Chang’s Architecture office, STUDIOKCA’s work explores the parallels between making lights and building spaces. This is the team’s first venture into the world of not-for-profit public art.

Get involved at Kickstarter or find out more about FIGMENT at their website

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