Oiio Reveals Proposal for Guggenheim Expansion

Courtesy of Oiio Architecture Office

With many museums worldwide seeking to extend to accommodate larger collections, Athens-based Oiio Architecture Office has asked: “What if we decided we needed a little more of Guggenheim?”

Their solution is to stretch ’s original building skywards, by continuing its iconic ramp, creating an additional 13 floors. 

More on the design after the break…

Courtesy of Oiio Architecture Office

The building would continue to grow in circumference as it rose, while the atrium would gradually taper inwards to a point, so the building would culminate in a perfectly circular floor at the top where Wright’s iconic glass dome would be rehoused.

Courtesy of Oiio Architecture Office

But, before you take to the streets to protest this new twist to an old favorite, the Architects themselves are the first to state that such an addition is purely fantasy, naming their proposal “Guggenheim Extension Story”.

Oiio has said, “ has become so iconic, so emblematic and hermetic in our minds that it can no longer be touched by architects!”

Courtesy of Oiio Architecture Office

For the meantime, any art aficionado who craves ‘a little more Guggenheim’ will have to settle for Frank Gehry’s building in Bilbao, or his planned center in Abu Dhabi.

Cite: Rackard, Nicky. "Oiio Reveals Proposal for Guggenheim Expansion" 31 Jan 2013. ArchDaily. Accessed 29 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=326434>
  • mahler76

    a horrible monstrosity with no originality.

    • kmontanari

      In the original Wright’s version, there is a volume balance between the part that grows taller and all the rest. These addition destroys this balance, and I wonder what’s the point of the huge domus in the top if there won’t be the same free area for daylighting up there anymore…

    • guillermo

      plus the patio will be alien dark

  • Ryan

    Im not so sure about altering cornerstones of mid-century american architecture. But even for some one who is, this has to be one toke over the line. They are talking about turning the gug into a high rise.

  • Scott Smith

    FLW just rolled over in his grave, DON’T DO THIS…. please.

  • Oly

    I already so it on FB but i thought it was a Joke but it isnt. Are they also gone make it of silicone so it’s very light to make it and you cane make it enormous and fake like a lot thinks in the UsA.

    • cxi

      “But, before you take to the streets to protest this new twist to an old favorite, the Architects themselves are the first to state that such an addition is purely >FANTASY<, naming their proposal “Guggenheim Extension Story”."

  • Patricia

    This cannot be serious… I thought it was a joke when I first saw the image!

  • Justin DeGroff

    I think they’ve created a powerful interior space by completing the original geometries in section. I don’t think FLW would totally disagree with their move. I do however, think that it’s important for future generations to understand the original building, and that is what seems to be missing.

  • Kamel

    I don’t think they are doing good to it. It was not originally designed like that and is going to be an addition of both dead and live load to the building. He also had his reasons of leaving it like that.

  • Igor Reyes

    Pee my pants funny……

  • Chris

    “But, before you take to the streets to protest this new twist to an old favorite, the Architects themselves are the first to state that such an addition is purely fantasy, naming their proposal “Guggenheim Extension Story””

    • Alex F

      Does anybody read the article before commenting?

      • Gallego

        Nope. I’ve seen this “proposal” on Dezeen few days ago, and the comments there are spammed with the same ignorant outrage like here. Apparently, reading six short explanatory paragraphs is not needed to have a strong opinion…

  • Maykel Dominguez

    Joke, right?

  • Richard Gomez

    uuugly, the proportions of FLW were just right

  • ACT+arquitectos

    it’s a JOKE?

  • randy delyuzir

    is it a Joke? just add more floor

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  • binhtran

    Hãy tạo ta một mô hình như vậy thì thuyết phục hơn.

  • D’Mavrik

    At the face of the entrance canopy, there should be in big, bold, bright letters “PETE’S COFFEE”.

  • Duykhanh

    Đừng làm xấu đi 1 huyền thoại..

  • anja ivanovic

    this wouldn’t be guggenheim any more.
    it took its soul.

  • Toba

    Good move, noboy will ever accept this, that museum is heritage, but it is interesting how the studio made their way to make them selfs publicity, jajajaa nice

  • joe

    it seems very logical. its this or a bunker basement.

  • Barry

    LOL! I love it!

  • John Seward

    Images are powerful. People see the images of this proposal first and are initially outraged because they assume its going to be built, or its being considered. But taking the time to actually read what is said reveals its nothing but some companies fantasy, a sketch for fun, a hypothetical. So ok, lets judge it on those grounds.

    They did the right thing maintaining the formal language of the original, though I would say they’ve overdone it on the scale side by a factor of at least two. However, they stuck to the existing geometries a little too rigidly within the interior. Bringing the atrium to a point and basically closing it off is a bad idea. It’ll ruin the light and airy quality of the space. This ties into their scale issue. Were it half the height, the atrium wouldn’t come to a point. Even then, I wouldnt follow the interior atrium geometry as a straight line, but rather gently start curving it back so by the last floors its simply straight up and not making the atrium smaller.

  • Denisse


  • Torres Fernando

    huge lack of imagination

  • mit


  • Anita Dangel

    Glad that it is only fantasy….

  • Abelardo Gonzalez


  • Paolo Hennessey

    Yo got to be kidding me!!!!

  • Adolfo Natalini

    I hope it’s because architects and future architects don’t read, and only look at pictures, BUT it is unbelievable how many people here don’t get it… it’s a STATEMENT!!! Pure FANTASY! Look at it for what it is, not the construction!! Having said that, I’m reminded of Superstudio (1960s architects).

    • Diego ChV

      This has nothing to do with Superstudio, and you’re not Adolfo Natalini (or it’s pure coincidence). Superstudio had a lot to say.

      • Adolfo Natalini

        Of course I’m not Adolfo Natalini… And Olio Architecture Office is not Superstudio. Now let’s discuss how this fails as a statement instead of harping on the fantasy building.

  • santiago

    horrible, me parece una verguenza tocar ese monumento!