Peace Bridge / Santiago Calatrava

Santiago Calatrava is known for his elegant bridges that combine structure with a sculpture-esque touch.  Yet, could his iconic style be changing?  His latest design for Calgary, is a red and white tubular structure, an aesthetic quite unlike of his earlier works.  The new footbridge, slated for completion in 2010, will span the Bow River and aid approximately 5,000 people a day commuting in and out of the city on foot or on bike.

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The bright red bridge will span 130 meters and its helix design lacks the soaring masts, steel cables and asymmetrical design typical of a Calatrava project.  Since the bridge is for pedestrians and cyclists, separate paths will be incorporated so each can enjoy his journey over the bridge comfortably.  The bridge will also be covered in glass allowing Canadians to use the bridge throughout the year.

The bridge’s tubular form is a successful design solution as it could not have piers in the riverbed or vertical elements. “Seemingly simplistic at first glance, the is a highly technical bridge,” Calatrava stated.


As seen on World Architecture News.




Cite: Cilento, Karen. "Peace Bridge / Santiago Calatrava" 13 Aug 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 28 May 2015. <>

    i don’t see real calatrava!

  • Emerson Gámez B.

    parece un gusano. lindo gusano. jajaja. muy bien, excelente. calatrava siempre basa su arquitectura en las formas y estructuras dela naturaleza.

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  • John

    The site had a number of constraints, including a height limit due to a nearby helipad as well as the requirement to not have girders in the riverbed. It’s a very practical and usable design, but is also quite striking. It will be a great addition to Calgary’s improving cityscape.

  • christopher

    i think that perspective looks great! there is a very tense and somewhat uneasy dynamic at play though…

  • Alex

    I cant stand birdwings!!! this is stunning!!! and I love the color!!

  • bryante

    this bridge looks sexy

  • http://yahoo lopez

    beautiful but does it work?

  • bryante

    i wanna skateboard across this beauty:)

  • http://yahoo lopez

    How much would it cost me to built one in my back patio?

  • hector

    lol i bet u think im sexy to jk jk… But yea nice bride BIG SHOUT OUTS TO JORDAN GREEN!!

  • bryante

    he should build a bridge for the immigrants to walk the mexico usa border:)

  • majchers

    See this little bridge:
    Railway Footbridge at Roche-sur-Yon