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  • 23 Jan 2013
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© Toshiyuki Yano

Architects: Naf Architect & Design
Location: , Tokyo, Japan
Architect In Charge: Akio Nakasa (maneger),  Daisuke Aoki
Area: 127.99 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Toshiyuki Yano

© Toshiyuki Yano

This is a total interior renovation project of an existing house, installing a box made of deck lumber in the middle of the house.

© Toshiyuki Yano

The existing house is 17 year-old, two-story, 4-bedroom wooden structure on top of semi-underground garage. It could serve as home, but we could not see how and for whom the room layout was made.

© Toshiyuki Yano

New owner of the house is a family of three; a couple with a child. Installed in the center of the house is a hall-like space made by a large box which gives a doorway to chiropractic clinic run by the wife, to the bedroom of the couple, to the entrance of the house, to living and dining room upstairs, and to karaoke room in basement. As rooms of various purposes were relocated in the existing house, the composition of the house became more like that of a complex facility. The box-like space which brings together traffic lines and connects each room is, in a sense, switch box of traffic lines.

© Toshiyuki Yano

The box is made of deck lumber, whose top side has large interspace between lumber and let sunlight pour downstairs. On the sides of the box are smaller interspaces to avoid the gaze but large enough to let through the voices. It allows loose spatial continuity from the second floor to the basement and at the same time, interspaces are adjusted to keep privacy when there are guests. In the living-dining room on the second floor, the top of the box comes up to the height of a counter suitable for housework. High side windows on the sloped ceiling take in ample sunshine and the top of the box can be used as sunroom. Hooks can be placed between the deck lumber to hang pictures, hangers or foliage plants anywhere we like. There is almost no exterior space for garden within the premises, and it was our challenge to introduce various living scenes indoors by using the box.

© Toshiyuki Yano

The existing house before the renovation was one of many typical houses in the real estate market. In this renovation, we made Karaoke room in the basement, taking advantage of the sound insulation properties of concrete foundation. We see possibilities in creating new living environment by taking advantage of such properties.

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    switch box is so warm and with first look you think it’s a room. but that material and shape of that is so nice. when I saw that, I want move up and see what happen there.
    at the second floor after stairs the woods make something like a bed, um…like something you can sit on ground and I think all of this feeling come from that window is front of that.
    OK, I write so much. it’s a nice and prefect design, so warm and familiar. Thanks

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