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  • 07 Jan 2013
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© Daici Ano

Architects: KINO Architects
Location: , Japan
Architect In Charge: Masahiro Kinoshita
Site Area: 344.26 sqm
Building Area: 120.61 sqm
Total Floor Area: 176.70 sqm
Year: 2010
Photographs: Daici Ano

© Daici Ano

This house is in a residential area of Fukushima prefecture. In this location there are many areas of vacant land and parking lots. The house is for a four person family; a married couple with two children.

© Daici Ano

In this design, the living and dining rooms, where the family gathers, branch off to the main bedroom, children’s room, kitchen, bath room and guest room.

© Daici Ano

Each room has its own loft space. These lofts supplement the function of the rooms. The parent’s possessions are stored in the loft of the main bedroom, bathroom supplies are in the loft of the bathroom and guest bedding is stored in the loft of the guest room. The children’s loft provides a play area.

© Daici Ano

To put the rooms branching off in this way gives good lighting and ventilation and a moderate distance between rooms. The four branches also become a core of power to resist earthquakes.

© Daici Ano

Internally the site is divided into four gardens. These gardens can change in function in the future to include, for example, a BBQ garden, and a pool garden. The house was designed not only for use now, but also to expand with the family as their lifestyle changes.

First Floor Plan
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  • André

    My gosh.. some houses in Japan are so dangerous! Especially with children around.

    • SaveWestern

      meh, they’re kids. Those bones are still soft.

      Though I love seeing the wood structure and decking, black standing seam metal panels with no insulation seem like a summertime nightmare scenario.