Metal Shutter Houses / Shigeru Ban

Starchitects are all over , giving an extra value to new condos in Manhattan. A few months ago i visted the Herzog & de Meuron and Bernard Tschumi projects on the lower east side, and they looked quite impressive. While most people didn’t liked the Tschumi’s Blu Condo, despite it’s iconic image, i had mixed feelings with HdM’s 40 Bond St.

But on West Chelsea a new 9 unit condo is under construction, designed by japanese . The project is located on the south side of West 19th Street, between 10th and 11th Avenues in West Chelsea’s art gallery district, right next to the High Line, the Hudson River Park, Ghery´s IAC Building and Jean Nouvel´s 100 11th.

On this building, Shigeru Ban once again innovates on the material use by incorporating motorized perforated metal shutters on its -dynamic- facade, which act as light-modulating privacy screen at the outer edge of each residence’s terrace adjacent to the double-height living rooms.

From their website: This subtle “removable skin” echoes the neighboring gallery after-hours shutters, subtly contextualizing the building within its site. The building can literally become a uniform minimal cube, or it can open completely (as well as virtually unlimited permutations between). South of the loggia, twenty foot tall, upwardly pivoting glass walls open completely, thus blurring the boundary between the inside and outside – the double height living room and loggia become one. Similarly, a series of interior sliding glass doors create an open “universal floor” in each of the duplex houses – one vast and uninterrupted expanse which transitions seamlessly from inside to outside, or partition the space into private areas.

Penthouse view, with Ghery´s IAC on the background

Cantilevered kitchen sink designed by Ban

Double height living room

West-East unit, lower level

Lower level plan

West-East unit, upper level

Upper level plan

Project is under construction as of now, and features a bamboo fence on the construction site. It´s expected to be finished for winter 2008.

Cite: Basulto, David. "Metal Shutter Houses / Shigeru Ban" 26 Jun 2008. ArchDaily. Accessed 30 May 2015. <>
  • pixel

    Nice article,

    Does someone knows who did the visuals ?

    • Joshua

      Looks like dbox strikes again. The visual consultant, i think, rivals the cost estimator or even project manager in terms of their importance to getting a project built.

    • Kyaw Win

      Natural or Artificial?
      Men made with hands.

  • Farrel

    That is crazy awesome!!

  • NYC
    They also did the branding, graphic design and website for the project

  • Furniture

    Amazing pictures. Great article.

  • Justin

    You can’t get more impressive than this! I love it!

  • Nalyn

    wow!!! that’s all i can say!!! ang ganda!!!

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  • Charles

    Images are probably by arte-factory, paris…?

    • Zaki

      As said above- (check their design section and promo materials for this building- just awesome!)

  • Flug

    This looks so awesome! I want to have such a penthouse, but guess I cannot afford it.

  • Billigflug

    Hey iam a Facility Management study from Germany.
    I´ve seen alot of awsom buildings in the past future…
    But this is one of the most interesting objekt i have ever seen!
    This idea with the “Metal shutters” would be use here in germany/Gelsenkirchen .

    A link to the building

    Sry i only have This pic from the building , and you cannot see the “metal shutters” – But when the sun is shining ,the roller blind closes itself automaticly … Nice inventions i think …

    Greets , Billigflug

  • christina

    does anybody know who is the manufacturer of the metal shutters??

  • oscar falcón lara

    Absolutely love those windows, although the bedrooms’ floor plan might be a bit confined, it makes up for it with the transparency it gets from both facades. Brilliant design. Kudos Shigeru Ban.

  • foonzee

    this is a good idea for buildings that are at risks in zones with tornados because of the shutters

  • Michael

    These are some of the most provocative architectural renderings I’ve ever seen. Nice one!

  • Tunji

    The visuals are stunning…

  • Tunji

    And the design itself, though simple, is just amazing..

  • pelican

    looks like this works better than the Nicolas G Hayek Center in Ginza [swatch house]

  • stiggywiggy

    can anyone tell me, whats the white(empty) space inside the core?

  • Tunji

    I think the white empty space is a Mech & Electrical service core. The lift motor appears to be attached in the core.

  • d.teil

    @stiggywiggy : here will be the stair isn’t it? of course not an electrical service core.

    without any question a nice design, with a very expensive detail to open both fronts. one bedroom is not really good working (not a good ventilation here, luxury that they will have 2 (!!!) stairs inside, living room in the north is not really nice (but perhaps it was not possible to place that room in the south (????), a huge space for the entrance (jesus!!!!). it’s very luxury by wasting a bit too much the space inside. of course it’s very nice to open both fronts, but to have at one ending (and actually in the south) the kitchen where u can not sit is also not too great (but again: i think there will be not a good view to the south anyway).

    people are to fast blended by a in this case very good rendering, but anyhow, it’s a Ban and he is doing very good work.

  • Versicherung

    This looks so awesome! I want to have such a penthouse, but guess I cannot afford it.

  • godil

    what about fire escape / emergency exit…via elevator ?

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  • Urban Classics

    Scaling his literal Curtain House into a larger and more dense development, Shigeru Ban’s Shutter Houses are one part architecture, one part art, and one part pure poetry from one of our favorite thoughtful architects. The 9-unit condo located in West Chelsea blurs the line between indoor and outdoor with a perforated metal shutter system that lets residence open and close their spaces on a whim.

    Units range from 1,950 to 3,180-square-feet. The rolling shutters are inspired by Korean delis and Chelsea galleries that use industrial rolling grates to open and close their storefronts. Shigeru makes industrial chic, and allows urban dwellers to let the sunshine in and live among nature even in the bustling Big Apple. Metal Shutter Houses at 524 West 19th Street are scheduled for completion in Fall 2008.

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    Metal Shutter condos in Manhattan, New York by Shigeru Ban. #architecture


    Metal Shutter condos in Manhattan, New York by Shigeru Ban. #architecture

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