Hanking Nanyou Newtown Urban Planning Design Proposal / Jaeger and Partner Architects

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Jaeger and Partner Architects shared with us their Hanking Nanyou Newtown Urban Design proposal for the renovation of a parcel of Nanyou in Nanshan District, . Their concept focuses on creating a ‘multi-functional ring’ which combines the planning theories of the compact city, green city, and digital city. Acting as a unifying element, the multi-functional ring at the site’s core is a prominent feature of the design, providing the best site accessibility solution to an otherwise difficult to manage site. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Courtesy of Jaeger and Partner Architects

The urban design embodies ideals of sustainable city development by establishing a pedestrian friendly environment with dense mixed-use programming and public transportation connectivity. The design aims to establish community character through the creation of a three-dimensional urban space that provides its users with ease of access to living, leisure, culture, and work. Due to its location, the site will play an important role in interconnecting Futian District, Qianhai District and Hong Kong.

Courtesy of Jaeger and Partner Architects

The design process included considerations to retaining historical and cultural aspects of the site. The project implements an interlaced grid system that blends the current orthogonal urban fabric to a historical diagonal axis. Furthermore, the site’s current educational and hospital facilities are preserved as they are integral to communal development. Lastly the introduction of new cultural elements and the transformation of old housing into an Art Village greatly enrich the urban atmosphere.

Courtesy of Jaeger and Partner Architects

Their multi-functional ring concept displaces vehicular flow in two underground layers. The first underground layer allocates drop-off zones and access to commercial program. The second underground layer allocates access to parking and service vehicles. At ground level, the ring establishes the boundary for the pedestrian friendly zone and nests the main cultural and public amenities. Above, a double height art gallery glass tube connects the podiums functions and provides access to the green roofs.

Architects: Jaeger and Partner Architects
Location: Shenzhen, China
Client: Hanking Group
Brief: Office, Commerce, Residence, Hotel and Education
Floor Area: 1,800,000 sq.m
Type: Commission

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