Switzerland Pavillion for Shanghai Expo 2010

swisspavilion-p unveiled the model of its national pavilion for World Expo Shanghai, a pavilion with soybean-fibre coverage and entertaining rooftop cable cars.

The design by Buchner Bründler Architects, chosen out of the 104 candidates through a world-wide competition, focuses on the sustainable development as well as harmony and balance, which coincide with the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang.

“This piece of work best shows the characteristics of modern Switzerland – pursuing excellence, innovation and high-quality life,” said Manuel Salchli, deputy commissioner general of the Swiss pavilion in the Expo. “We hope to attract a big percentage of the 70 million visitors to the Expo Shanghai.”

The most distinguished feature of the pavilion is the outside curtain, made from degradable soybeans and dye-sensitized solar cells that are capable of generating electricity, introduces Salchli. The curtain will present an image of forest, which will remind people of the nature, said Salchli. And the fibre of the curtain could be degraded after being disposed in the soil in two week.

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Cite: Jordana, Sebastian. "Switzerland Pavillion for Shanghai Expo 2010" 02 Aug 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 27 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=30860>
  • Jon

    *pens dropping along with jaws

    This … whatever it is which is, which is going to represent Switzerland in Shanghai’s 2010 expo is with out a doubt the final nail in the coffin. with out a doubt, this exposition which is suppose to represent the aesthetic tastes and technical capabilities of cultures from around the world, will be the worst showcase of design this century … kinda a good way to start things no.

    However to say that we have not seen this before would be mistaken. There is only one historical style which comes to mind when viewing over the top, gaudy, over rationalized BS such as this. In a word … Rococo … well Rationalized Rococo

    • Florian

      This is going to be so funny. Can’t wait for the big duck~

  • http://twitter.com/architecpassion/status/3089250584 ArchitecturePassion

    Switzerland Pavillion for Shanghai Expo 2010: Switzerland unveiled the model of its national pavilion for World Expo Sha http://url4.eu/AIZV

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  • Hui.X

    oh,,my god..go postal

  • frankz

    Indeed. This Expo seems to bring up pure crazy among architects. The pseudo-futuristic shapes… the overloadedness with kitschy decoration… the idea of making a Switzerland pavilion the shape of Switzerland… and you can only even see that from SPACE anyway.

    And if you think of it, the only reason this isn’t shaped the flag of Switzerland is that it has ALREADY BEEN DONE: http://www.designboom.com/weblog/cat/9/view/6734/3xn-danish-pavillion-proposal-for-shanghai-2010.html


    who needs an expo anymore, really hope that the shanghai expo last one in human history

  • theChavacano

    Well another amusement park, following the tradition of the dutch and the macau pavillion haha,

  • james

    pure feckin genius this is!

    this expo is gonna be an absolute riot!

    • Tuf-Pak

      I just wish they’d put treads on all of them and let ‘em roll around and fight!

      • james

        This will be the first expo to be televised on FOX at this rate.

  • laly

    shanghai expo will have a strong cast.

  • Tuf-Pak

    Hey, by the way…has anybody come to grips with how this embodies harmony and/or balance?

  • sullka

    YAUHO, you have a point there, EXPOs sounds more like a thing from the past, form teh previous centuries, with the internet as it is nowadays, and who knows how it will be in the future, I don’t see the point of an EXPO.

  • zarch

    who can via internet shake hands? People need live shows.

  • Juni

    AHA “Chosen out of the 104 candidates through a world-wide competition”… Who were the 103 other opponents ? I guess they were fired while losing against “that”

    • james

      zumthor would have been proud to lose to this work of genius

  • Julio Ramirez Bruna

    maybe is the weird stuff is the brief.. because all of the others pavillions are just like this one… the brazilian one, chilean, all of them are in this same line of “architecture”….. I’am stating to think I don´t know anything about arch…….by the way this project is another random thinggy with grass on the roof , just because.. wwhat a waste of money and effort

  • http://twitter.com/nyrp/status/3125692899 NYRP

    @archdaily A pavilion with soybean walls? http://snurl.com/oohwv

  • http://twitter.com/jonpape/status/6213331861 Jon Pape

    Shanghai World Expo 2010: http://bit.ly/zBChp (Romania http://bit.ly/5MnLiu Korea http://bit.ly/5pTNy4 Switzerland http://bit.ly/4uj1dC )

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  • http://ashitakaryo.deviantart.com/ Ryou

    so interesting : )

  • http://twitter.com/aaronbell/status/10589369512 Aaron Bell

    @ninastoessinger but look! rooftop cable-cars! http://is.gd/aL1ys

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