Canada Pavillion for Shanghai Expo 2010

139The 6,000-square-meter Pavilion, among the biggest at the site, will feature an exhibition themed “The Living City: Inclusive, Sustainable, Creative.” It is expected to welcome up to 5.5 million people or 30,000 visitors per day during the six-month Expo period.

The pavilion will be anchored by an open public place and surrounded by three large structures. The square will be a performing area, where visitors can watch the performances of Cirque du Soleil before checking out the pavilion, said Gregson.

The overall budget for the Canadian pavilion will be 45 million Canadian dollars (US$43.57 million), she added. Canada has also given environmental protection consideration into the pavilion. Part of the pavilion’s exterior walls will be covered by a special kind of greenery and rainwater will be collected by a drainage system for use inside the pavilion.

Cirque du Soleil created the concept design for the Pavillion and will also create public performances, organize cultural programs and develop strategic corporate alliances for the pavillion.

Seen at archtracker. More images after the break.

Cite: Jordana, Sebastian. "Canada Pavillion for Shanghai Expo 2010" 29 Jul 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 22 Sep 2014. <>


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    it seems as if the Shanghai expo is a contest of wich country makes the wierdest building

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    Le Cirque du Soleil… they removed circle from circus…
    They should stick to doing circus related things.. and leave architecture to architects…

    Not very impressive… 3 thumbs down

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    Design help anyone?

    Next time, do not hesitate to contact professionals instead of letting the jugglers do the work.

    Clowns should stick to clowning, ‘cos this is fugly.

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    Another fine piece of the worst kind of architecture…There’s nothing good that, even with a big effort, i could say about this …THING..

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    From archtracker: “Cirque du Soleil created the concept design for the Canada Pavilion, said Gregson. The country is still searching for contractors for its architectural services, ”
    So architects have been reduced to contractors for architectural services to deliver building concepts designed by clowns. This is sad, and deeply embarrassing as a Canadian.

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    What on earth is happening at this expo? Is there a single noteworthy pavilion?

    I guess the Mexico Pavilion is reasonable, but everything else I’ve seen makes a truck stop look like the Taj Mahal.

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    Come on people, the British, Polish and Austrian pavilions that’ve been published are all pretty nice, and this Canadian one isn’t even that bad. Its the lack (so far, and likely forever) of a US pavilion that is truly pathetic.

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    ok ok ok – enough with the hate! I think it has alot of potential. the form reminds me of rocks. the fact that Canada is known for Cirque du Soleil, is great. unfortunate, sure every Architect in Canada would love to have designed the Pavilion, it did not happen this way.

    The question i have is why did we not have a competition in Canada for this? That i blame on us (Canadians) for not demanding that process! Complaining after the fact does not count!

    like, don’t like, whatever. criticize to make it better,then; be specific. So if you want better designs coming out of Canada to the rest of the world; make it happen.

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      Most Canadians are totally unaware of Expo 2010 in Shanghai. They know nothing of this building or who designed it or the governments “sole-source” buddies, errr, builders. The $45ish million will also be a surprise.

      The minority Reform-con government, dealing with the G8/20 buildup and now the fall-out, neglected to mention Shanghai. They are flying this under the radar.

      Except that rumours abound about government MPs,MLAs, etc. are being tempted by Chinese businessmen, beautiful “working girls” as young as 14. Our innocent (cough) lads of the Great White North are being blackmailed, etc.etc. all in Shanghai. Ok, I’ll admit, most of this colour commentary has come from one of the Con’s own backbenchers. Everyone knows MP Rob Anders is a complete loon and Harper does not let him loose in polite company. But it does not explain why Harpo is keeping Shanghai secret. And the true cost of it.

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    Cirque du Soleil?
    cummon this is a joke!!!
    cummon tell us the whole truth?
    whos behind this joke?
    I participated in a competition for the Maltese pavillion, was short listed and had to pass thro hells gate! only to get some second place!…and Canada comes with this blunder?
    Canada hire me at

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    Something smells rotten in Canada… oh yeah, it’s their visa policies and their Shanghai Expo pavilion!!!

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    I’m actually looking forward to the Expo.

    So much bad architecture in one place must surely be a catalyst for change.

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    Cirque du soleil did not in any way design this, they hired an architect to produce a design under their name, as they did for another project in japan. They never give credit to the actual designers, Cirque du soleil is a Circus not an Architecture office.
    the last rendering is from a previous project that has nothing to do with the actual project.
    Plus Cirque du soleil has modified the design to suit their taste after design was finalized by the architects (IE the big ugly Canada Logo on the façade)

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    Oh, Canada…how the hell did Cirque de Soleil get this gig?…We have real architects…really, we do!

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    I keep going back and looking at the pictures.

    I remain speechless!

    OK! OK! I can’t say it in polite pulic!

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    Let me get this right. All the people on this blog are a lot better then all the architects in the entire expo … what a bunch of looser you are. How can you pretend to be even close to these guys . If you are blogging how bad the others are… maybe its time for you to get a real job!

    For the Canadian pavilion, The cirque knows how to move people in – deliver a great time- move people out and give them something to remember. They never failed and you can be sure it will be amazing. 35000 people everyday will go through it.
    The design of the pavilion represent two arms holding people, the outside is made of wood from british columbia.

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      a lot of people like MacMansion to… the design of that pavilion is a bit weak.

      Football team can fill in 100 000 places stadium and amaze them… why not a design by a football team?? you never know migh be amazing to… There is some very nice pavilion (concept design etc) for 2010 expo but the canadian one is not one of them… The cirque du soleil is still stucked in 1980 1990 attidude toward design and this attemp to get out of it is not an happy one and lack any real intensity and rigorousness … the show inside might be great (they are a circus they are used to making show) but the building itself look like an unfinished draft.

      It is not because we have the technology to build everything that every thing is great and it not because a Canadian wood is used to clad a building that it make the building a great canadian work of art

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    Really Canada ? Was that the best one ? Didn’t u guys discuss it ay? And like maybe not voted for the flashes dumbest geomorphic turd that fell in ur laps? Sure love Canada ay

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    Well at least it’s not a log cabin – but I bet there’s a Mountie and a beaver in there somewhere!

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