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  7. Municipal Market Of Pinhal Novo / Silva Dias Arquitectos

Municipal Market Of Pinhal Novo / Silva Dias Arquitectos

  • 01:00 - 29 July, 2009
Municipal Market Of Pinhal Novo / Silva Dias Arquitectos
Municipal Market Of Pinhal Novo / Silva Dias Arquitectos

Municipal Market Of Pinhal Novo / Silva Dias Arquitectos Municipal Market Of Pinhal Novo / Silva Dias Arquitectos Municipal Market Of Pinhal Novo / Silva Dias Arquitectos Municipal Market Of Pinhal Novo / Silva Dias Arquitectos +19

  • Architects

  • Location

    Pinhal Novo, Portugal
  • Architects

    Silva Dias Arquitectos
  • Architect In Charge

    Tiago Silva Dias
  • Collaborators

    Susana Pombeiro, João Ferraz, Susana Pereira
  • Construction

    ACF S.A.
  • Budget

    $1,840,000 EURO
  • Area

    2075.0 sqm
  • Project Year


From the architect. The role of Municipal Markets is, still, essential for their protagonism in the urban balance of the places they integrate, in the sense that, besides supplying the local populations, they also promote economies of scale, determine prices locally, generate positive results on nearby commerce, commercialize and provide fresh produce preparation services, often from local producers, and maintain a social image that directs attention to the place they belong to.

Thus, the design of the building stems from the unique character it must assume in order to recover the dignity and representativity of a ‘public building', in contrast with the aesthetic ideal presiding over the conception of shopping centres, although the dimension of such projects cannot be compared to each other.

The aim of the new building of the Municipal Market of Pinhal Novo is to contribute to strengthen the centrality of the Independence Square (Praça da Independência). For this purpose, besides the Market's main business other activities were added to the plan: a post office, an advice bureau for micro and small businesses, the Pinhal Novo Youth Centre and a (future) Citizen's Services Centre (Loja do Cidadão).

The program herein described is part of a building formed by a system of structures placed in a square with an area of approximately 30x30 metres.

Within this system it is the central nave that stands out, giving the public access to the market, to the Citizen's Services Centre and to the Post Office.

Besides providing even visibility into all the stores, the central nave works like a multipurpose space where exhibitions, fairs, parades and other events can take place.

This space is intended not only to be functional but also comfortable, especially provided by its natural, zenithal and parietal light filtered through a horizontal wooden grid, and by the materials that are meant to be long-lasting in terms of their life and image.

United at the embedment two other structures emerge at each side of the central nave. One, to the east, houses the second floor of the Citizen's Services Centre; the other, to the west, belongs to the Youth Centre.

Two patios separate these structures from the central nave, allowing for a better ventilation and efficiency of the natural light that is filtered, at this point, through a vertical grid made of zinc.

Implantation follows two main axes - East/West and North/South - related to the design of the grounds in which the building is set.

A formal relation with the library structure is also contemplated, and for this purpose the corresponding marginal plans to the north and to the south are aligned.

The program conditions, integration and contextualization of the new building and particularly the issues of environmental comfort and quality, as well as an adjustment to the climate and energy efficiency of the location, were decisive to the development of the project.

From the established program, a system of spaces was created with a fluid arrangement between them, providing a dynamic view of the various functional areas, especially between the two floors.

Both the shaping of the space and the choice and use of the materials, which reflect the organization of the space, are meant to arouse a sensorial experience.

While the space is meant to have a dynamic character, it is supposed, simultaneously and without contradiction, to offer a certain degree of serenity, particularly due to the spatial clarity and rigor of its design.

In keeping with the general guidelines of the project, alternatives and variations were also used to bring out the uniqueness and identification of each structure and of the façade plans, according to their orientation, relative position or their role in the creation of the image as a whole.

Thus, the façades play an important part in the constitution and identification of each of the structures corresponding to the various functional areas, in some way both membranes and walls between the internal and the external space.

That is why they must be transparent to allow communication, and opaque to offer protection.

On the inside, they are intended as multipurpose contrivances to the extent allowed by the different spaces.

On the outside, they are intended to convey a distinct image that will contribute to the construction of the urban identity of Pinhal Novo.

Location to be used only as a reference. It could indicate city/country but not exact address. Cite: "Municipal Market Of Pinhal Novo / Silva Dias Arquitectos" 29 Jul 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed . <>
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Andre Louro · September 14, 2009

Ficou porreiro pá!
1 Abraço a todos

stella · August 10, 2009

Beautiful building - purist design , classic and contemporary!

MiKe Mecanics · August 08, 2009

Horrible...What this project brings new?

juliano medina · July 31, 2009

Pretty in the outside, cold in the inside. Does it really work as a Public Market?? Don't think so...

ARN · July 31, 2009

nice & clean
Great work

MS · July 31, 2009

Não fora o inconveniente de "ter" um interior, e este edifício daria uma fantástica ruína (daqui a muitos e belos anos)... --- Would it not to "have" an interior, and this building could be a wonderful ruin (in many and beautiful years)...

Gosia Kung, AIA · July 30, 2009

This is an amazing piece of civic architecture. Modest and humble; serving it’s citizens. I wish some of the municipalities in the US – the ones claded with beige precast and lined with Italian granite – took a good look at this.

Su · July 30, 2009

That's a really nice building!
I hope to see more projects like this one.

aussireg · July 30, 2009

Beautiful, classic market building type, superbly executed. Detailing astounding for its utilitarian use. Love it.

Bill · July 30, 2009

Although the project does present an institutional look, formaly also presents a delicate balance between permeability and closure, with a well defined axis going through the market.

It seems to me that the excessive space inside is one of the project most valuable characteristics. Photos do no justice, since they portray a relatively empty market, with few customers.

One must consider afflux of people, specially during the weekeend. And the way the façade filters light into the central space is very well acomplished.

jack vallance · July 30, 2009

Reading: "Municipal Market Of Pinhal Novo / Silva Dias Arquitectos | ArchDaily" (

morinaga · July 30, 2009

posh cemetery

Rick · July 30, 2009

Positive, but dry. Doesn't "feel" like a market at all... looks like the atrium of a train station, or a small congress centre. Partly because of that, and partly because of its looks, I think it would improve a lot if they removed the ghastly lettering over the entrance. Go figure.

And the text... pointless. For instence, the description of the façade is the definition of any façade ever made. Institutional, as darla says.

Matt Krygowski · July 30, 2009

Municipal Market Of Pinhal Novo / Silva Dias Arquitectos, nice

aa4 · July 30, 2009

Fantastic program, you have to admit. I totally buy into the importance of having a marked/mixed use space for the community.
Architecture that makes a REAL impact on the community it lives in, GREAT!
The interior does look a bit cold but maybe because it's not yet been "lived" to the fullest. I had imagined there would be vendors in the center of the hall as well, the kind that come in with tables and crates. I wonder if it's a conscious choice...

dreinha · July 30, 2009

Are u all crazy?! This building has an amazing design!! Poetic and sober...

Marian · July 30, 2009

The outside looks nice , graphic and clean

mariline · July 30, 2009

ArchitecturE : Municipal Market - Pinhal Novo / SILVA DIAS Arquitectos » [bjs a toda a equipa ;) Mariline]

Disenoteca · July 30, 2009

I love the outside... love the clean lineas.... But in the inside... What happend??? It looks more like the interior of an airport than a place to trade with fresh goods.

archilocus · July 30, 2009 01:10 PM

To me the picture of the entrance also looks like entrance of an airport ;)

ArchitecturePassion · July 30, 2009

Municipal Market Of Pinhal Novo / Silva Dias Arquitectos: Architects: Silva Dias Arquitectos
Location: Pinhal Novo, Mun

lleillei · July 30, 2009

yess.... u espect more "coziness" in a place like that.

darla · July 30, 2009


Gosia Kung, AIA · July 30, 2009

RTarchdaily Can we do this in the US?


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