Summit Series’ New Village Will Be A Hub For Innovation

  • 05 Dec 2012
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, a popular conference that TechCrunch describes as “Part Burning-Man, Part TED,” has just acquired 10,000 acres outside of , where they hope to develop a “500-home village to foster startups, artists, thinkers, and nonprofits who will build their own version of utopia.”

Summit Series began as a way for young, socially-conscious entrepreneurs across all types of industries to gather, brainstorm ways to make their business/non-profit better, and partake in fun activities; however, it soon gained prominence as notable keynote speakers (from Richard Branson to Bill Clinton) began joining in and spreading the word.

The idea behind the purchase is to offer a more permanent-home base for the innovative conference-goers, who usually only meet for 4 days a year, so they can network and “think big” 365 days a year. It will be the built expression of the collaboration and innovation that the Summit Series aims to inspire (think Silicon Valley tucked up in the Mountains). As Summit Series investor Tim Chang explains: “The community portion — the networking, the people — that could be even more valuable than just the straight return on investment for a vacation property.”

According to TechCrunch, “every aspect of the new village will be open to social experimentation,” which leads us to wonder – which architect would be best suited to design this hyper-social village of young innovators? Perhaps BIG or Michel Rojkind Arquitectos? Let us know who you’d like to see design this utopian village in the comments below.

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  • Carlos De Meer Sánchez

    It should be OMA, I think its the perfect candidate

  • Carlos De Meer Sánchez

    I think it should be OMA, it would probably be the best candidate.

  • Miguel Magalhães

    The place for a community that aims interchange and networking should be built in a special way: I think probably it should at least try to envision the possibility of building itself. All entrepreneurs, all people with amazing ideas, all active and lets make the future persons… I would say that probably this would be the perfect opportunity to try out a new MO. Imagine that we would be able to construct this amazing village through a process of productive discussion, deep understanding and strong engagement. Bring the visionaries together and make them not only think together, but also do together.

  • Rohit Patel

    This being a complex, forward thinking one of its kind to be environment, not one architect can design this in a traditional fashion. If it brings together innovators and thinkers, they will each have their own thoughts of how this community should be and so let that be the driving factor in the evolution. A perfect example would be Auroville, India.

  • Murray Jankus

    Someone ought to at least mention Christopher Alexander’s name in this discussion. No matter who gets the work (and I wonder how well this client will listen) it might help if they’ve read Alexander’s ideas for the grounding in architecture that is both sustainable and amenable to the evolution of program over time.