Yad Lebanim Competition Entry / Moshe Fluhr, Lee Davidson Lehrer, Yinnon Lehrer

Courtesy of Moshe Fluhr, , Yinnon Lehrer

The proposal for the ‘Yad Lebanim’ (Fallen Sons’ Commemoration) memorial homes are designed as programmatic hybrids, teaming a military memorial hall with a civic community center. Designed by architects Moshe Fluhr, Lee Davidson Lehrer, and Yinnon Lehrer, the project reflects a constant dualism in Israeli Society, struggling to exist between the extremes of past and present, war and peace, sacred and profane. The 2.5 hectare site, which is situated in the entrance to Ramat Yishay, gives the opportunity to answer the needs of the community, while creating a building that emblemizes local values. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Courtesy of Moshe Fluhr, Lee Davidson Lehrer, Yinnon Lehrer

The ‘Yad Lebanim’ (Fallen Sons’ Commemoration) memorial homes are a building typology unique to modern Israeli architecture. Ramat Yishay, a community in the north of is characterized by a warm Mediterranean climate, a topography of green rolling hills and small detached housing of no more than two floors in height. With a steadily growing population, Ramat Yishay is experiencing a shortage of parks, gardens and open public space.

Courtesy of Moshe Fluhr, Lee Davidson Lehrer, Yinnon Lehrer

Within this context, it seemed wasteful to construct an isolated monument. Rather, it was decided that the entire site shall be developed as a municipal park, not merely incorporating the Yad Lebanim home, but blending it into the park-scape, thus blurring distinctions between indoors and outdoors, building and landscape, sacred and profane

plan 01

The first step in developing the site is reforming the topography in order to provide pedestrian accessibility from the entire perimeter. The 500 sq. m. program is arranged in an open configuration, around an open multi-use courtyard. the green roof promenade covering the complex, makes up for the parkland taken up by the buildings’ footprint, while endowing them with energy efficiency.

plan 02

The result is a flexible, multi-functional complex, combining a park with a library, educational facilities, a municipal assembly courtyard and a rooftop promenade. The variety of complementary public spaces offered, permits the occurrence of both organized and spontaneous events of different scales, from urban assemblies to friendly encounters. The interior spaces can be combined or divided, while the complex itself can function in various capacities, with the different buildings functioning independently. Building materials are simple, affordable and robust. The rooftop is planted with local plant varieties that demand little to no maintenance and irrigation.

Architects: Moshe Fluhr, Lee Davidson Lehrer, Yinnon Lehrer
Location: Ramat Yishay, Israel
Area: 500 sqm
Year: 2012

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