Casa Sacerdotal Diocesana de Plasencia / Andres Jaque Arquitectos


Spanish practice Andres Jaque Arquitectos shared with us this great renovation in Plasencia, transforming an old and abandoned seminary into a residence for former priests and students.

Check the diagrams and a great photo set after the break.

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Catholic Church has defined historically territory superposing two occupation structures:

1. – Ideological structure, tree vertexed at the Vatican.
2. – Points of direct action, bishopric-nodes in an interconnected network.

This implantation pattern has ruled both social relationships and territory insertion of the individual members of the Church.

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Clerical population in Europe has experienced a fast process of aging making it difficult the maintenance of an individualized attention model. Concentration of welfare services demand from the priests seglares a reconstruction of their relationship with territory [ 1 ] and their insertion in a community. [ 2 ] the project is the device that articulates this transformation by means of the activation of a set of:

[ 1 ] TRANSFERENCES: synthesis and approach of binding elements between the expanded landscape and the users [cuts of ecosystems: cork oaks meadow and pool, cherry trees valley, orchards of lemon trees; memory-object: benches, books, shades, clouds, lamps, chimneys; sensible contacts: lime stucco, stone pavement, shade, aromas] by the mediation of low technology devices.

[ 2 ] INVITATIONS To PARTICIPATION: elements that stimulate the answer on the part of the inhabitants and foment associations and shared uses. Opportunities construction.


Location / Height 349.50m, latitude 40º 1.45′ 4″, longitude 2º 24.18′ 72″ [in the walled enclosure, between the cathedral and the convent-palace-inn].

ANTECEDENTS/Old Seminario Menor: 15th and 19th century buildings, garden and well, occupying a complete block.

WORKS / rehabilitation 15th century building [ 1628m2 ], rehabilitation 19th century building [ 896m2 ], 21st century building [ 1169m2 ], parking [ 362m2 ], garden [ 794m2 ], roof garden [ 413m2 ]. Total 5262m2.


POPULATION/priests [ a part of them students at the old Seminario Menor ] until this moment at different parishes from the diocese of Plasencia [maximum distance displacement 210 km. ]. Relatives, companions, assistants, visitors.

COMPOSITION/21 individual flats, 6 double flats, 4 handicapped adapted common baths, 3 technical premises, 2 visit rooms, 2 medical attention rooms, 2 special attention rooms, 1 residence for nuns, 1 chapel, 1 oratory, 1 morgue, 1 parking, 1 dining room, 1 kitchen, 1 vestibule, 1 games room, 1 gymnasium, 1 library, 1 gurugú, laundry.

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  • Juan-Najhan

    Humm!!! Post-modern? I don´t know…

  • oltmann

    i wouldn’t judge it so lightly, Jaque’s work has quite a theoretical background.
    Don’t let form and color distract you, this work is very very interesting.

    • a

      “don’t let the form and color distract you”

      we should focus on the words then…?

  • Martino

    Nice disco.

  • StructureHub Blog

    I’m baffled. I like it and yet am troubled by it. It is very original and lively, yet seems to have trouble with cohesiveness or having any idea what it purports to say (if anything).

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