Sloping House / Atelier 37.2

  • 02 Dec 2012
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Courtesy of Atelier 37.2

Architects: Atelier 37.2
Location: ,
Collaborators: Anna Checchi, Christophe Bernard
Year: 2012
Photographs: Courtesy of Atelier 37.2

Courtesy of Atelier 37.2

Sloping House is a makeshift shelter that clings to the side of an extinct volcano in the Puy de Serveix, in France’s Massif Central. Built from recycled timber by the artists themselves, this sculptural one-person refuge, seems to erupt from the grassy slope, as if the structure’s wooden planks are being flung out of the earth only to reform into the neat lines of an archetypal hut.

Courtesy of Atelier 37.2

On entering, you will be forced to crouch, as in a boat descending a wave. You will have the feeling of literally plunging into a skyless landscape and it is only when you seat yourself down on the strange, angular recliner within that the sky will reappear and you will experience the unique sensation of this peculiar vantage point.

Courtesy of Atelier 37.2
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    I see “Sloping “, but I do not see “House “

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    “archetypal hut”: why even bother justifying the form when it is a sculptural piece? The fact that it has a pitched roof is meaningless if it was not designed to be a functional shelter. Simply put: the designers wanted it to look like that (and that’s perfectly legit). My issue is that there’s no need to justify it’s form with some inane narrative.

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    37.2 is the temerature when you start to catch a solid cold.In this particular case the illnes has already installed.Main symptoms: hard headeaches….

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    look, this is purely an academic exercise- and one that shouldn’t take itself too seriously. calling is anything other than that warrants all of us yelling “the king has no clothes!”

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