SANAA Unveils Their Plans for Bocconi University Campus

  • 29 Nov 2012
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The new Bocconi University campus by . Photo via Domus.

SANAA has just unveiled their plans for the Bocconi University Campus in Milan, . The design features various undulating structures, forming connective inner courtyards, that wind their way across a 17,500 square meter green space open to both students and neighborhood residents.

According to Paola Nicolin, a professor at Bocconi and writer for Domus, the University is a “playground” for the imagination, using “non-hierarchic compositional elements” to establish a relationship between the campus’ organic forms and the human lives which inhabit it. In Nicolin’s words, the project “speaks of transparency, empathy for nature, and far-sightedness.”

More images and info on the project, after the break…

The new Bocconi University campus by SANAA. Photo via Domus.

SANAA’s plan includes dormitories, a recreation centre, a School of Management, and buildings for Bocconi’s Master and Executive programmes.

The new Bocconi University campus by SANAA. Photo via Domus.

All building heights are mid-size to allow for maximum natural lighting and ventilation.

The new Bocconi University campus by SANAA. Photo via Domus.

Moreover, many energy-saving features have been incorporated, including insulated walls that are 50% transparent and 50% opaque, rainwater recycling systems, and roof-top solar panels.

Story via Domus

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  • SDW

    I was told that the most dangerous thing for creative people is …..

    ‘Self Repetition’…

    • God


  • anaa

    There’s not enough material to make any full assessment, but it saddens me to see another interesting office turn to a one trick pony. Looking at these images I can’t help but think that this is nonsense and empty formalism, just special kind… the kind that they themselves have created. These forms seem to be haphazard without any relation to the context. If we had a room program / floor plans that might give some clue if they make any sense, but even the fact how the forms collide suggests that they are nothing but abstract paintings on the plot canvas. The collisions make inside corners that will be a pain, if not impossible to build and maintain even if it looked cool on the site plan. The network of covered walking paths makes no sense either. Are they really thinking that people will and should walk over twice the distance from door to door just because they like to design squiggly lines? And funnily enough, all the effort for the complicated curves apparently does not end up in interesting spaces, since even they decided to make most perspectives from as far as possible and not from inside this hot mess.

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  • adu

    city scale spaghetti

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  • internautas

    OMA proposal is so much more interesting