Gehry To Design Sydney’s Next Architectural Icon

  • 30 Nov 2012
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Courtesy of Frank Gehry

Frank Gehry, in collaboration with construction giant Lend Lease, will design and construct the new 12-storey UTS building – said to be ’s most distinctive project since the Opera House. The building, which will consist of 320,000 homely brown bricks, laid by hand, is due to be completed in mid-2014. Mr. Gehry has described the building’s internal structure as being like a “tree house”, designed to encourage a sense of “creative play”. The building will be built on the former Dairy Farmers site between the ABC Ultimo Centre and the Powerhouse Museum and hold up to 2000 students and 390 academics. More information after the break.

Costs have already spiralled on the $180 million project, which was originally priced at $150 million. The UTS vice-chancellor, Ross Milbourne, attributed the blowout to excavation delays and changes to the complex brickwork construction. It will be built brick by brick, rather than using a cheaper “brick curtain” method, which would have detracted from the fluid, undulating design, Professor Milbourne said.

The new Faculty of Business building will be the 83-year-old architect’s first in . He was unperturbed by the unflattering “paper bag” comparisons, Professor Milbourne said, reportedly responding “if only I could go down in history as the man who did that, I would die a very happy man”.

The 12-storey building will be named after Dr Chau Chak Wing, an Australian-Chinese businessman who donated $20 million for its construction and $5 million for scholarships.

Courtesy of The Sydney Morning Herald

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  • Agustín

    Oh no, not this again…

  • cbooo

    Frank Gehry was a fad, and that fad is going out of style as we speak.

  • Jason Wagner

    I think Gehry has already been out of style for a few years. He’s still prestigious so clients still seek him out, but I don’t think the public really likes his buildings, and I don’t think many architects do either.

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  • grae

    god awful.

  • Eric in Colorado

    I disagree with all comments so far. I have always felt energized by Gehry’s buildings. Their playfulness reminds me what fun Architecture should be.

  • Peter G

    Architecture should be playful? Fun? For that you want to ask the owners to spend millions for a fun feeling? Architecture should never be considered in such a superficial way. We, and that means whole society, have to live with these structures for decades, so the architects, and also Mr. Gehry, should think of something which lasts beyond fashions. But it seems difficult to understand.

  • carlo

    Gehry is running out of ideas.

  • des

    i’m worn out with this stuff…….time to move on Frank.

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