Housing in Tbilisi / Studio Arci


Architect: Rati Chomakhidze, Studia Arci
Location: Tbilisi,
Client: development
Design year: 2006
Construction year: 2007-2008
Total plot area: 1,105 sqm
Total built area: 4,310 sqm
Living area: 2,100 sqm
Office area: 650 sqm
Photographs: Goga Mamasakhlisi

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The presented project is located in the general development plan of the Vake district and the surrounding area. The general plan was developed by a private architectural company after becoming the winner in the competition for reconstruction plans of the Vake district and the vicinity. The fulfillment of this project takes place stage by stage even today and this building is one of the part of this program.

A piece of the land under the designed building has an oblong-triangle shape, which predisposed the basic form of the building. The dwelling, by functional and dimensional parameters, represents a construction of a transitional form between the low rise houses and the multi functional high rises under construction, stipulated by the masterplan. Taking this into consideration, the basic volumes and functions are adopted.


On the first floor of the residential part, are located apartments with gardens. The offices, together with its characteristic functional infrastructure, are located in an independent block, which offers a unique way of functioning and rhythm of life of the dwelling.

The 4-7 storey part of the building is residential, and the 3 storey is office. The dwelling is presented as one whole volume. The construction is monolith concrete, the natural form and texture of which is preserved on elevations, columns and monolith walls.



Exterior walls are filled with bricks and covered with wooden sandwich panels, which give the building a certain cozily inhabited look to the building and increases its thermo-resistance. In the residential part 20 apartments are located with underground car parking, and all three stores of the office part of the construction are dedicated to the architectural office. Each floor of this building can function independently as a separate office, which eases future marketing possibilities of the building. On the underground floor are located exhibition, conference and storage spaces. which get their lighting through the atrium gardens.

In the central part of the building, on a street axes, large glass stained windows are installed. Their transparency creates visual, lively connection between the office and the outside world. On the roof of the office building a zone (terrace) of general use is arranged, for carrying out different events and activities.

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