UNStudio wins competition to design dance theatre in St. Petersburg

un1UNStudio’s design has won a competition to build a 21,000 square meter dance theatre in the historic centre of , Russia. The new complex houses the Eifman Ballet of , headed by choreographer Boris Eifman.

From the four projects presented (Jean Nouvel, UNStudio, Snøhetta & Zao), ’s design was yesterday unanimously chosen by the jury for realisation.

Seen at designboom. Architect’s description and more images after the break.

The dance palace forms an integrated part of the european embankment city quarter masterplan for a new urban square in the historic centre of St. Petersburg.

The urban context of the building is essential to the design. The dance palace is positioned on the square in such a way as to allow for unrestricted visibility towards the nearby Prince Vladimir and Peter and Paul cathedrals, thereby framing some of the most exceptional buildings in St. Petersburg. The sculptural qualities of the dance palace reflect those of the surrounding buildings in the masterplan, providing a connection to its surroundings yet still retaining saliency. A central main entrance is incorporated into the façade design in order to fully integrate the building into this lively public square.

UNStudio’s design for the dance palace presents an open and inviting theatre building with provision for 1300 guests (large auditorium 1000, small auditorium 300). Programmatic considerations focus on the spacious circulation of the public foyer and the transparent relationship to the surrounding public square and the city. Integration with the existing neighbouring buildings is achieved by both the scale of the building – which in elevation follows and respects St. Petersburg’s typical 28m roofline and the transformative transparency which is introduced by a facade system of triangular cladding panels. The variation between opaque and perforated panels creates a controlled openness, depending on programme, views and orientation.

‘The vertical foyer provides a high level of transparency from inside to outside, whilst also presenting a kind of stage for visitors to the theatre; a place to see and be seen. the open arrangement and balcony structure in the foyer provides plateaus for its own choreography of both intimacy and exposure.

Essential to UNStudio’s design for the main auditorium in the new dance theatre are both the acoustic considerations and the proximity of the audience to the stage. For this reason the horseshoe form was chosen. This form is considered to be one of the most successful forms acoustically in ballet and musical theatre for both performer and audience, whilst the proximity it affords to the stage ensures an intimate and collective experience for the spectator.

A mandatory requirement when we were designing the auditorium was to make it possible to see the dancer’s feet from every seat in the hall at all times, no matter where the performer was positioned on the stage.

Cite: Jordana, Sebastian. "UNStudio wins competition to design dance theatre in St. Petersburg" 22 Jul 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 22 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=29805>
  • lidoro

    le corb must be turning in his grave

  • CroftDesign

    Absolutely beautiful how the facade gradually fades to reveal the excitement inside the building. The entry is also very inviting.

    LIDORO: What exactly is your point?

    • John

      I think lidoro is absolute right.

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  • outsider

    Is it possible to see the other entries?

    • http://www.flickr.com/photos/trop/ victor

      Yes, I took some pictures on two exibitions, first of it was dedicated to Eupean emb. master plan competition and second – for Dance Palace competion.
      See it here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/trop/sets/72157614818318365/

      • hbchbc

        UNStudio deserves it – much better than the other entries!

      • biboarchitect

        I like it..
        May ARCHDAILY please post the other entries? Flicker is banned in Dubai where i live ( shit)

      • kj

        no plans or sections to read?

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    • http://www.flickr.com/photos/trop/ victor

      I took some pictures on two exibitions, first of it was dedicated to Eupean emb. master plan competition and second – for Dance Palace competion.
      Here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/trop/sets/72157614818318365/

      • http://www.flickr.com/photos/trop/ victor

        Oops. Uncorrect place. Sorry.

  • joao

    the jury chose that one guessing they were picking up zaha hadid’s entry…

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  • greg L

    … looks like the unstudio take on preston scott cohen’s tel aviv musuem… very much the same…just a little mushier.

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    against all odds, really nice.

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    Similar to polish expo pavilion…

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/trop/ victor

    Presentation booklet in PDF with all projects: http://www.vtb-development.ru/etc/albom_nab_e_a4.pdf

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      thank you victor

  • Juni

    For me it’s much more a white whale than a Dancer… Nice building but no link with its function.
    Doesn’t evoque Dancing at all.

    Joao Very funy quote :)

  • GeorgeFP_SA

    Surprisingly beautiful! I’m not one for blob-itecture, but there is something here that is quite simply, in harmony…