Flower Power / 100 Planos Arquitectura

imagem-01Our friends from 100 Planos Arquitectura, a Portuguese firm, shared with us their latest project, Flower Power. Here’s the architect’s description:

The objective of this project was to create a structure model, multipliable, capable of creating ephemeral spaces or buildings. The need for a small pavilion at the Vila do Conde’s museum’s garden, where children and adults can have a rest and stop for some time during a visit to the museum, was the ideal starting point for exploring this idea of multiplication.

The basic module is a “flower” of 1.00 m diameter and 0.50 m high, with four petals, constructed of polycarbonate with plates of 5mm and pvc pipe ø 0,10 m. Assembling several modules with different heights we designed a waving horizontal surface, which suspended, creates a covered area.

Here and there the “flowers” go down to the ground and become a pillars, walls or partitions. We decided to call it “flower power”. It is a pavilion / building / structure, shading, under which you may rest, dance, read, sleep, or simply admire the sky cut by translucent flowers.

More images after the break.

Cite: Jordana, Sebastian. "Flower Power / 100 Planos Arquitectura" 21 Jul 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 21 Sep 2014. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=29684>


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    agreed with homer, looks way too much like the PS1 installation, some renderings in context would have been nice too, I rather doubt this thing is meant to occur in an ambiguous plain. Feels more like a 2nd year student project

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    Reminds me of a sculpture dedicated to a certain Sibelius in Helsinki, I rather liked that one..you know, the sculpture.

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    It´s a little “girly”, but I like it.
    Simple idea, cheap construction.
    I would like to see it built.

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