Video: CANCHA – Chilean Soilscapes by Cristobal Palma

After opening in August, the 13th Venice Biennale will end this Sunday (November 25th). This video is a recording made by Cristobal Palma of the Chilean Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2012 entitled CANCHA – Chilean Soilscapes (see our coverage of the exhibit here).

The Chilean Pavilion was curated by Pilar Planchart and Bernardo Valdés. Other invited architects included Pedro Alonso (Deserta), Elemental (Metropolitan Promenade), Susuka (Limitless Chile), Genaro Cuadros (Playground), Germán del Sol (Kancha), Iván Ivelic (Travesies of the Amereida) and Rodrigo Tisi (Performances of Conquest). The Chilean artist Pedro Pulido also exhibited his sculpture, Nein.

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CANCHA – Chilean Soilscapes

  • Organizer: National Council for Culture and the Arts. 
  • Curators and Architects: Maria Pilar Pinchart Saavedra (Pinchart Arquitectos) and Bernardo Valdés Echenique (Mapa Consultores).
  • Commissioner: Cristobal Molina Baeza (National Council for Culture and the Arts).
  • Video: Cristobal Palma

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