MVRDV proposes 400 meter tall ‘vertical city’ in Jakarta

rendering by RSI-Studio

, in collaboration with The Jerde Partnership, ARUP, and developer Wijaya KaryaBenhil Property, have unveiled plans to create a new landmark in , Indonesia. Dubbed Peruri 88, the 400 meter tall vertical city integrates retail, offices, housing, a luxury hotel, four levels of parking, a wedding house, a mosque, an imax theater and an outdoor amphitheater, with an extensive amount of green space.

The team presented the plans to city and site owner, Peruri, as part of a developer’s bid competition for the prominent site.

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rendering by RSI-Studio

Peruri 88 combines Jakarta´s need for green space with Jakarta´s need for higher densities whilst respecting the typologies of the current urban fabric. The site, which is owned by Peruri, is located at Jl. Palatehan 4 Jakarta, a block formerly used as Mint which sits right next to a future metro station. 

rendering by RSI-Studio

The mix use project offers a great variety of office and housing typologies, from large office surfaces to living/working units, from lofts to townhouses, from terraced houses to patio living. Each of these stacked urban blocks comes with a semi-public roof park, an abundance of gardens, playgrounds, spas, gym’s, outdoor restaurants and swimming pools available to the inhabitants and office employees. The tall trees on these decks will provide extra shade whilst the height of the parks allows for a cooling breeze.The high rise, a luxury hotel from the 44th floor to the 86th floor, rises from a platform with park, swimming pool and the marriage house. On top of the hotel a panoramic restaurant and viewing platform complete the structure at the 88th floor.

Peruri 88 is vertical Jakarta, it represents a new, denser, social, green mini-city – a monument to the development of Jakarta as a modern icon literally raised from its own city fabric,” says Winy Maas, MVRDV co-founder.

rendering by RSI-Studio

The commercial podium which is located from levels B2 to the 7th floor is designed by Jerde Partnership with MVRDV. Its most characteristic feature is the central plaza, sheltered by the stacked volumes of the mid-rise it offers multiple outdoor layers of restaurants and shadow and natural ventilation. A series of escalators connects the shopping and retail centre to the parks of the mid-rise.

The Peruri 88 commercial podium reflects the city’s historic islands with reflective bodies of water and landscape traversing the public street levels, while integrating a sunken garden plaza. “Our inspiration for the commercial podium and public spaces was Java’s natural setting – lush jungle and stone surrounded by expansive ocean,” says David Rogers, FAIA, Jerde Design Director.

rendering by RSI-Studio

The buildings structure has five principle cores and is less complex than visually apparent. Four traditional constructed tall towers rise up between which bridging floors will be constructed. Arup will continue to develop and rationalize the structure to satisfy regulations and the budget.

A number of international hotel, retail and apartment operators have shown interest in the building and if the team wins construction will start swiftly.

Cite: Rosenfield, Karissa. "MVRDV proposes 400 meter tall ‘vertical city’ in Jakarta" 20 Nov 2012. ArchDaily. Accessed 22 May 2015. <>
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  • Moe

    wow, that’s fantastic! so progressive.

  • Turo

    My brain hurt looking at this.

  • Sudar Khadka

    such a great and novel genius idea! truly earth shattering! I wish the whole world was full of such relevant and perfectly conceived architecture that will uplift the soul and bring us all closer to enlightenment!

    • Sudar Khadka

      that was sarcasm by the way..

      • Rizky

        I know! I gave you a thumbs up, but smart people are a minority these days. :D

  • Girk

    WTF! is the best I can say about this

  • Tienie van Rooyen

    My condolences to the city of Jakarta…

  • Maarten

    This is an example of plain arrogance and lack of creativity!:….Look at us, our concepts are so good that we never have to design anything new. Lets just stack them! We have the drawings ready!

  • Sunstroke

    I will come and visit it and swim in that huge pool !

  • Brown Bris

    This is the ugliest design I have ever seen…
    Be difference is good but remember ” less is the best ”
    Jakarta is located in the “Ring of Fire”, also called the Circum-Pacific belt, is the zone of earthquakes surrounding the Pacific Ocean
    Could we imagine . what will happen if ” EARTHQUAKE ” strikes this City…I come from ” Earthquake City ” of Christchurch New Zealand

    • Vincent Li

      I don’t believe earthquake will be a problem, this building actually have three cores goes through different part of building. The structure technique will allow this building achieve safety even located in Japan. I am just not sure if this is a sustainable way.

  • Priyank

    How deep should the pits be to plant those trees on each terrace?

  • Darren Chang

    Hybrid Link, Museum Plaza, Shenzhen Stock Exchange… what other OMA projects can you see in the pile? I should save these images and test my son when he grows old enough :)

  • Satrio

    Awesome….it’s about time Jakarta have a new icon building

  • tsol
  • tsol


  • josh

    so looking at the first pic, i wonder two things. 1) where is the rest of jakarta? 2)it is a scotch out of scale with its surroundings.

  • Javen Jiao

    So the MVRDV method is:
    1. Concept design through programming
    2. *skips the integrating programs into a coherent architecture part*
    3. profit
    Mind is blown, this really exemplifies the arrogance the new emerging “Starchifirms”.

  • C.P.T.L.

    It happens too often that architects work so hard to make a structure not appear similar to any previous structure, that negation of all else is the reigning characteristic of their designs.

    Consider Zaha Hadid’s work. It is not simply about rejecting all else. One cannot apply the above sentence to her work because her designs strive towards a new ideal with its own parameters.

    City in Jarkarta seems like more of a deliberate affront to sensibilities of balance and symmetry and uniformity, etc. than it does an embrace of something new. It would, if it were built, stand as a monument to what it is not.

    Of course it is possible, as we see in the City in Jakarta renderings, to build that which is not anything else; but does that make it a worthy something?

    I suspect the first rendering answers the question.

  • sd

    this is offensive. its unoriginal on mvrdv’s part and overly aggressive.

  • Erwin Setiawan

    Jakarta city layout was very messy and got a lot of slum area, and u want to bring it to the sky?!..okay then..let me play you the song of my people

  • dooze

    totally ugly. i live in jakarta and i take it as an insult.

  • js

    it’s missing the dumb cartoon diagrams to “understand” the concept.

  • Rizky

    Jakarta is a mess, and so is this building. PERFECT! :D

  • sad

    the trees are kinda exaggerated. they plan to built forest on the roof? really..

  • Luce

    no, just no

    • ahmad



    говно же. не?

  • RIgved

    Show me the fickin Parti Diagram first.

  • rigan

    it’s so complicated. Jakarta has many of landmarcs, that city doesn’t need landmarc but the problem solving design for people

  • gilang

    it is very gigantic, scary

  • Gwen

    This discussion is widely about how this thing looks and therefore a lost discussion about beauty which is as we all know in the eye of the beholder. But what about the 3d dimension of this building, the verticality that they try to achieve, I think it is rather interesting, it totally blows the Marina by the Sands building. I think the 3d verticality is much more interesting than the looks.

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