Zaha Hadid Wins Japan National Stadium Competition

Entry No.17 – Courtesy of Sport Council

Fresh from the acclaimed openings of the Galaxy Soho in Beijing and the Eli & Edythe Broad Museum in the US, Dame Zaha Hadid can now add a new coveted project to her name.

Beating out 10 other finalists (including Populous, a firm known for their sports architecture, as well as Japanese heavyweights, such as Toyo Ito and SANAA), Zaha Hadid Architects were chosen by  and the Japan Sports Council to design the new Japan National Stadium. As Ando described the decision-process: “Our wish is to see a stadium designed by someone who shares this earth, with wisdom and technology that looks to the future of out planet.”

The new 80,000-seat stadium will replace the existing Kasumigaoka National Stadium in Tokyo. It will host the 2019 Rugby World Cup and potentially be the main sporting venue for the 2020 Olympic Games (if Japan’s bid is selected). It will also be offered to FIFA as a venue for World Cup football matches.

The Stadium is scheduled for completion in 2018.

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Zaha Hadid Architects Entry No.17 – Courtesy of Japan Sport Council
Zaha Hadid Architects Entry No.17 – Courtesy of Japan Sport Council
Zaha Hadid Architects Entry No.17 – Courtesy of Japan Sport Council

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  • xGadget

    Great Choice! Zaha Hadid’s design definitely looks towards the future.

  • brandon pass

    As much as I dig Zaha’s forms I feel they never quite make it in reality be it through poor detailing or execution. And they always seem to represent some other form….”It looks like X, Y or Z”. In this case it looks like a Foreman Grill Or a Weber Grill. It is just way too much form driven architecture. It is suitable for stadiums I will concede but bus shelters, museums, etc? I just think her work is forced 9 times out of 10

  • JIm Stokes

    You know how everyone makes fun of all the cheesy 70s & 80s architects that thought they were doing the work of the ‘future’ as god’s gift to humanity? And today we all laugh and say ‘how delusional, what where they thinking’ … Well, give this a decade or two.

  • Darren Chang

    The ability to make beautiful object is both Zaha’s strength and weakness. If the project is small, then fine, it is a small beautiful thingy. But if the project is massive, then human scale is really neglected. Look at the curvature of the roof (if I can still call it a roof), it reminds me of the curvature of the earth viewed from a high flying jectliner. It’s really hard for me to relate to it.

  • Walt

    Is that a skylight or a SONY ?

  • chistoso jose

    excellent structure

  • Landon

    I have seen a very very similar scheme to this scheme, designed by someone else 2 years ago. Man, they must be running out of ideas.

  • simon

    This design is a rip off!!!! Not only Kenzo Tange but another morr recent architect. Olympic stadium Tokyo ripoff!

  • simon

    I have seen this design before, a rip off from another architect, they must be running out of fresh concepts!

  • HelenaMarcus

    What was once a strong architectural strategy and identity has lately become a diluted and desperate attempt. A series of pretty empty renders and even emptier interventions. Sad.

  • marcus

    This design is a poor copy of a far superior structure. Getting ridiculous now.

  • Roger Xu

    The Bigest Bicycle Helmet

  • Paul Broggan

    The stadiums in England need to take note. The stadiums we have lack any creative design. The majority of design in the UK could be said as being safe and “boring”.

    • D

      I find english stadiums to be the most beautiful in the world. Theyre all perfectly well proportioned boxes and you can actually sit besides the pitch and watch the players a few meters away.

  • Psy

    From the top/ bird eye view, it looks like either Zaha’s or an alien vagina..

  • Md.Zakir hossain

    so, beutyful