Great-Grand Parents House / Jesus Davila Architects

  • 11 Nov 2012
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© Eddy Yuvoniel

Location: San Felipe, Aguascalientes,
Area: 73 sqm
Year: 2012
Photography: Eddy Yuvoniel

The client made the request to me of drawing the house in a way the house was warm, functional and one level only for the floor. It should had responded to a limited budget, a dificult context and a minimal terrain. With the budget aproximating to 45,000 USdlls, a living room, a kitchen, a dinning room, a bathroom, a 1/2 bathroom, a dressing room, and a main bedroom were constructed within 73 m2.

© Eddy Yuvoniel

The bedroom is divided with 2 walls to provide intimacy and the dressing room and the bathroom are added, separately, the kitchen is enclosed by 3 tall walls; the livingroom and dinning room, as well as the 1/2 bathroom ar drawn into the public area.

© Eddy Yuvoniel

My proposal was to open the house as much as possible to the sun, air, and a small existent garden. The height responds to the impact of the morning sun, that crawls all the way in through the 2 large windows to illuminate the space completely. Waking up, as well as having a meal, have an eternal interaction with the exterior, which is manipulated totally by nature (the garden)

© Eddy Yuvoniel

This house was planned for an old couple. Everything mentioned bebore was enclosed within very closed walls to respond to the complex and not very pleasant context, open just to where it was convenient, and its aesthetics planned for not drawing the attention of anyone but its occupants. Under these concepts and conditions, I built the great-grand parents house.

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  • excelsior

    we want to contact you architect… our best excelsior team…

  • Felipe

    Very Nice, a great Mexican talent!

  • Marco

    Me gusta la forma en que lo presentas. Muy padre la casa !!! :)

  • Anai Gutiérrez

    Awesome… the concept is incredible… comfortable, inspires tranquility and vanguardia, congrats..!!! =)

  • Carla María Gómez

    son unas fotos hermosas pero la casa ea todavia mejor. es un lugar donde te sientes acogido y al mismo tiempo fascinado con cada detalle

    These are some beautiful pictures, but the house is even better. It’s a place where you feel sheltered while you are fascinated with every detail. I would say MAGNIFICENT!!

  • Cecilia


  • Carla María Gómez

    Son unas fotos hermosas, pero la casa es todavía mejor. es un lugar donde te sientes acogido y al mismo tiempo fascinado con cada detalle

    These are some beautiful pictures, but the house is even better. It’s a place where you feel sheltered while you are fascinated with every detail. I would say MAGNIFICENT!!

  • Ismael

    en encanto la distribucion, y la paleta de colores, muy buen trabajo…

  • Luz Cano

    Acogedora, accesible, iluminada y espaciosa. La casa esta ideal para una pareja en donde pueden disfrutar de la compañía de sus familiares en visitas los fines de semana y entre semana encontrarse en un lugar agradable para descansar y entretenerse.

  • Jaime Castañeda

    Excelente manejo en torno a seguridad y funcionalidad de un hogar pensado en adultos mayores, definitivamente un desarrollo bastante interesante para una población principalmente anciana como lo es el futuro de nuestro país.

  • Octavio

    Me gustan los cuartos

  • Mario

    I love the big windows, the furniture choices and the color pallet!

  • Dr. Castañeda

    Great safety managment.
    Spacious and functional, definitely designed for older adults.
    A development plan in a mostly adult future population, as it is forecast to Mexico

  • Ulises Guzman

    Congratulations for a great and young Mexican Talent!!

  • Marce Marss

    Excelente diseño, concepto hermoso y bien elaborado … ¡¡¡Éxito!!!

  • haidi

    very simple outside… full of life inside, even in black.

  • Jorgegrole

    Super like!!

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  • Fabo O

    i´m Speechless, beautiful, amazing ………. love it


    sophisticated, necessary and emotional….

  • erick munoz

    necessary, sophisticated and example of talent!!..

  • Adrian Sanchez

    Excelent, brilliant, beautiful and a perfect management of spaces, colors and shapes. Congratulations Jesus you had become in an “Arctist” keep refreshing our seigth.

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  • abraham

    me parece muy limpio el trabajo, fresco y con sofisticacion !!! muuuy bueno !!

  • Cristina Rodríguez

    Sorprendida de lo hermosa que está la casa; los colores, espacios, todo muy bien distribuído. Felicitaciones, haces un excelente trabajo!

  • Peter Donders

    prachtig werk Jesus ;) was ook leuk om even met je te praten.
    Groetjes uit België.


  • fathi sroor

    Wonderful ..

  • fathi sroor mallah

    Amazing ..Wonderful ..Very good

    • باسل دالاتي

      استاذ فتحي التصميم حلو كتير ك ديكور.. بس بظن انو الفتح كتير كبير.. ومابعرف كيف معالج موضوع البلان الصغير والارتفاع العالي بالبيت… بس حبيتو كديكور وكفكرة ولكن بدها توضيخ من كتير نواحي متل الطاقة والانتقال الشاقولي والخصوصية والكلفة والعزل…

  • Miki

    A lot of effort has gone into the specifications of the buyer to ensure desired levels of sunlight can enter the rooms.

    The budget seemed quite low so I think this was designed very well to allow construction to cost so little.

    The open plan living would definitely suit the buyer as it allows easy access to each room.

    Well done.

  • Efrain Gomez

    Por ese precio obtengo todo ello? excelente el lugar, mucha luz como bien lo dices, me sorprendes, eres muy buen arquitecto.