‘Experimental Growth’ Arik Levy Exhibition

  • 18 Nov 2012
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© Lorenzo Ceretta

The Bisazza Foundation is currently exhibiting the site-specific architectural installation by Arik Levy, which will be on display until December 21 in . Dedicated to the Israeli designer , with the title Experimental Growth, the exhibition comprises a structural modification to the architecture of the Foundation, a macroinstallation called Rock Chamber and a video created especially for the event, titled Virtual Truth. More images and information on the exhibition after the break.

© Lorenzo Ceretta

Arik Levy’s project for the Bisazza Foundation revolves around Rock Chamber, a major sculptural work that will become part of the Permanent Collection, where it will be located in a new hall, a part of which has been conceived and designed especially by the artist himself. For the first time since the opening of the Bisazza Foundation, an artist will not only put his name to an installation for the Foundation, but his project will also affect the very architecture of the spaces.

© Lorenzo Ceretta

In the new hall dedicated to Levy, an exhibition/installation will be staged through which the artist will be able to trace the creative evolution of Rock Chamber and the geometrical aspect of its material through the projection of an original video titled Virtual Truth. The video is an interactive installation where people will get in contact with the space and the projection, which will change and transform according to the movement they make.

© Lorenzo Ceretta

Maria Cristina Didero, Director of the Foundation, states: “The Experimental Growth exhibition by Arik Levy is the first project dedicated to contemporary design to be produced in its entirety by the Bisazza Foundation. Arik Levy has conceived an imposing and impressive installation for us, a work of great scope that will enhance the Foundation’s Permanent Collection. We have also commissioned Levy to produce Virtual Truth, an interactive video that audiences will be able to react with, and we gave him carte blanche to bring his own slant to bear by modifying the architecture of the Foundation to activate a new mechanism of dialogue with the spaces of the institution. For the public, it will be another thrilling opportunity to discover the opus of one of the greatest living designers at the Bisazza Foundation”.

For more information on the exhibition, please visit here.

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