Collserola Park Competition Entry / Nabito Architects + ACTAR

Mixed-Use Building 01 ./ Courtesy of + ACTAR

Nabito Architects + ACTAR shared with us their design proposal for the “Les Portes de Collserola” international competition held by the government of . As a finalist, the architects were challenged to create an ambitious strategical plan to regenerate the entire Park of Coillserola in the North of the city. The architects were then selected to take part in the 4B door called: ‘LES PLANES IN-PARK UNA PORTA, VÀRIES CLAUS’. The Project is a Master plan for the re-interpretation of one of the doors from Collserola Mountain going into the city of . It is a space in between a complex superposition of different elements: urban, natural, rural and infrastructural. The perfect mix to ordinate the territory for a contemporary project. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Mixed-Use Building 02 ./ Courtesy of Nabito Architects + ACTAR

This Door is called LES PLANES and it is an infrastructured valley through a mix of little and not homogeneous urbanizations.These are some of the Key Notes and captions for the Project: LES PLANES IN-PARK: a door, various keys; LES PLANES: landscape between landscapes; LES PLANES: a door from the mountain to Barcelona.

General Boulevard ./ Courtesy of Nabito Architects + ACTAR

LES PLANES Today: A dispersed connectable city. It is a fragmented city with local identity but no overall readability. The reality now is scenery of irregular spaces, built spaces, protected natural areas, abusive habitat, equipped areas approximately stick together by a big infrastructure like a Frankenstein with no electrical power. We decide to give an unique identity on this confusion made by each different elements with a disposition of new functions and reenacting the old structure.

housing 01./ Courtesy of Nabito Architects + ACTAR

We planned an integrated system between infrastructures and eco structures by 6 key operations:

1 – Treatment of Central Boulevard in interaction with the lateral associated and interconnected ways and roads
2 – Realization pedestrian interconnections.
3 – Recovery and redevelopment of “ Riera Major Can Rectoret” as a collective space
4 – Generation of new residential support operations associated with public housing and resettlement housing
5 – Functional Remodeling of the principal Square as virtual “gateway” of their own “door city”
6 – Redevelopment the relax environments of Les Planes as new public integrated spaces.

Architects: Nabito Architects + ACTAR
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Collaborators: Valentina Esposito, Ernesto Di Santo, Gildo Incitti, Susanna Fagotti, Andrea Rojas
Partners of the Project: Gausa y Raveau ACTAR Arquitectura SL
Client: Municipality of Barcelona
Assigned Typology: Public
Project Phase: Competition, finalist and mentioned. On-going
Date: 2012


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