Showroom and Leisure Center / Manuelle Gautrand Architecture


French architects Manuelle Gautrand Architecture shared with us their new showroom and leisure center design for , Egypt. The concrete structure consists of connecting circles and spherical cavities that create a flexible interior allowing users to seamlessly flow through different showrooms. “Most of the time, the cars are exhibited like art-pieces on those turning platforms. The entire project is imagined around this monumental way of showing cars,” explained the architects.

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The mixed-use program includes showrooms for several car brands, cafés, a food court, a media park and two cinemas. “The richness of this program is very interesting, with the potential of giving a vibrant place of attraction to the new district,” explained the architects.


The volume developed as “a vast sculpture of circles and spheres” that creates modules of approximately 80 sqm.  These modules can connect to expand the form to create larger showrooms.  Brand signatures lay in two horizontal lines of LED, “giving a coloured movement behind the glass façade.” The intersection between such modules holds the circulation spaces, atriums, and visual perspectives through the building.


Since the entire project was conceived as a concrete mass, the “movement of the concrete creates…small interior spaces, which are curved, to propose some privacy dedicated to VIP lounge, media lounge, small cafés, sales spaces.” These smaller rooms are to be lined with different materials of bright colors to emphasize their sharp contrast with the completely white structure.

Exterior images: . Interior images: Arthur Couprie.

Cite: Cilento, Karen. "Showroom and Leisure Center / Manuelle Gautrand Architecture" 16 Jul 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 27 May 2015. <>
  • YS

    Cool! Structure, space and facade are generated by one step, one method.

  • dev

    its good to see such unorthodox designs….the designers have done a great job to create something which is not very complex and yet looks complicated

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    Korean color.

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    Love Manuelle Gautrand!!

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    awesome!…hope they build it.

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    here she is again!
    a pitty that the few words in the brackets do not reflect what seems to be obvious when you read the plans, sections, elevations and pictures.
    dynamique, mouvement, … are far too beloved words in the french architecture language. they can replace everything, lacks but also other simple words that would actually explain the arcitecture.
    so, the text is a shame, but the performance to take “negative” architecture that far … je m’incline, madame!
    i bless you

  • swati

    wow……..very very cool………..especially the idea of incorporating such a complex design inside such a simple form…..and doing it this well…..its pretty amazing…

  • mohammed ahmed

    very simple from both outside and inside but still lokks like a very complicated structure
    very dynamic interior
    I like the projects they are going to construct during this and the coming years in Egypt…

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    Interesting spaces, especially the 4th fig!!!!!

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    yep its nice also the night image
    just i think it needs some enhancment on the external elevations

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    wow.. really cool … i hope they built it

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    iloveit just ilove it

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    wow, what a creative design!.