RMJM designs luxury iconic hotel in Turkish capital

c10-final-modifiedxInternational architectural company RMJM has designed, on behalf of developer Őzkar Construction Co., a new luxury hotel that will help “green” the Sogutozu district of Ankara, the capital city of .

Located on a 14,000 square-meter site, the luxurious 24-story J. W. Marriott Hotel devotes the first four floors to spacious ballrooms, meeting facilities, restaurants and shops in a sky-lit galleria, with guest rooms starting on the fifth floor. The plan also includes an underground parking garage.

The hotel, which will be completed on October 2010, will bring innovative sustainable design to Ankara and will include a unique design of vertical stone fins that will act as solar shading devices on the east and west facades. The glass curtain wall uses environmentally friendly materials such as high-performing, low-e coating and tinting that contributes to the reduced solar heat gain. Plentiful bamboo trees and vegetation will be included in the landscape to offer additional shading at the site.

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Cite: Jordana, Sebastian. "RMJM designs luxury iconic hotel in Turkish capital" 13 Jul 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 23 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=28760>
  • http://www.talkitect.com Lucas Gray

    What makes this iconic? IS it the fact that it could be a generic icon for a skyscraper in any city in the world? Its just blah. I think they built about 43 of those just last year in Shanghai alone.

    • Mehmet

      Do you know anything about Ankara and its skyline? This will a good building because it will set an example for Turkish architect in the city. There are very few hotels in the city–only Sheraton hotel. I don’t think it will be bad for Ankara…

  • gb

    What are these renders done on?

  • http://www.blog.tropicalismo360.com tropicalismo360

    “Green” must be one of the most abused words in the English language today – especially by architects. While there may be some sustainable practices by the developers what is the lifetime impact of this building on the environment? I’m guessing it’s huge.

  • darius

    horrible design. no plan, no sections, no detail as to how this tower is “green”. meaningless renderings that shows nothing besides “flashyness”.

  • qfwfq


  • Ling

    Cool rendering, but how the details are fantastic?

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  • Alex

    it is just a simple tower

  • anon

    there’s nothing iconic here…

  • Rafa

    Maybe it’s iconic because Turkey doesn’t have anything as tall as this?

    • dogu

      make a study of Turkey

  • http://www.structurehub.com/blog StructureHub Blog

    It looks finely crafted from a distance, but the real test will be how the design translates to a close-up inspection in reality. I am curious what the cladding details will consist of.

  • http://ttaconstruction-design.com thanhtran

    the simple architecture has pleased nature and people as they harmoniously together …. and sometimes designed for people to go search

  • rafa

    How is this supposed to be in harmony with nature? It stands out like a sore thumb…maybe this is just too advanced for turkey or something ;)

  • ugur

    This cant be an icon for Ankara city sorry, i know ankara and its not a undeveloped 3rd class world city. This one is just one of the simple buildings like the others… Cant fool with the words…

  • ismet gungor

    In that case we can say that this building will be in a harmony with the city, because there’s plenty of early modern style ” iconic ” goverment buildings in ankara. At least its not designed with orientalist style.