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MenoMenoPiu Architects have shared their submission for the Gosan Public Library Competition in , Korea.  This project focuses on creating a community with ’s Metropolitan Center with consideration for urban flows and social trends.  Join us after the break for more.

Courtesy of MenoMenoPiu Architects

The goal of this design was to develop a local community that can tie into the rest of the city.  The library is an invitation to residents and citizens to explore the spaces and volumes of books that it contains.  Beginning with the essential library element of the bookcase, the architects’ design extends this module into the structural grid and develops it into the exterior facade.  The structure is expressed in wood, a traditional building material employed in a contemporary way.

Courtesy of MenoMenoPiu Architects

The double wall of the exterior allowed for a development of an open plan, creating a more flexible distribution of spaces while the wall itself houses the building’s services.  The Hall and the Collection Rooms receive natural light from the roof and from the patio thanks to the presence of a sober shading system integrated with the facade and the patio’s evergreen trees. The synergy between artificial and natural elements ensures the best visual conditions of  the interior spaces.

Courtesy of MenoMenoPiu Architects

The design incorporates various passive environmental control systems.  The shading system is designed to deflect sun rays in the summer and filter them into the building in the winter, while the concrete flooring acts as a thermal mass for the building – absorbing and expelling hot air.  The study of the roof slope is based on the angles that can provide the highest yield from the installed photovoltaic cells, where a drainage system for the collection of water allows for a complete reuse of the latter.

Courtesy of MenoMenoPiu Architects

Architect:  MenoMenoPiu Architects
Team: Mario Emanuele Salini, Gilberto Bonelli, Marco Lavit Nicora, Rocco Valantines, Alessandro Balducci, Paolo Venturella, Cristian Gheorghe, Julie Tarrancle
Location: Daegu, Korea

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