UPDATE: World’s Tallest Skyscraper To Be Built…In 210 Days

  • 17 Oct 2012
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Chinese construction company has announced ambitious plans to construct the world’s tallest in an implausibly swift 90 days (© Image: Broad Group via Gizmag)

When we brought you this story back in June, the title read “World’s Tallest Skyscraper To Be Built….in 90 Days! ” 

Well, as any architect knows, first estimates are never accurate. Broad Sustainable Building (BSB), the design firm behind Sky City, soon to be the world’s tallest skyscraper, has professed that the building will now be built at the positively glacial pace of 210 days (7 months instead of 3).

As we explained last time, Sky City will shoot up to its 838-meter (2,750-ft/220-story) height thanks to its pre-fabricated assembly (up to 95% of the materials will be assembled in modular form before on-site construction even begins). BSB also claims that it will be sustainable and earthquake proof.  

According to a fascinating Wired interview with BSB’s founder and Chairman, Zhang Yue (check it out), the foundation is scheduled to be laid in November and should be complete by March 2013. 

Read on after the break for more of Sky City’s impressive record-breaking stats and sustainability chops…

Reach for the sky: the world’s tallest buildings, once the 838-meter Sky City is completed, projected for January 2013. Image via CNN.

Fast Facts (as Adapted from our Previous Post)

  • If it hits its goal of a 7-month construction period, Sky City will be constructed 9 times faster than the Burj Khalifa, the world’s current tallest building, and be 10 meters (33 feet) taller.
  • Sky City One advertises itself as an earthquake-resistant, carless city which will accommodate approximately 100,000 people and provide retail and leisure facilities.
  • Sky City One has been designed with 15-cm (6-inch) thick exterior walls and a quadruple glazing in order to improve its insulation, allowing it to consume a fifth of the energy of a conventional building its size.
  • The Sky City One will contain 1,000,000 sq m (10,800,000 sq ft) of usable floor space, have 220 floors, and 104 separate elevators.
  • According to CNN, the Sky City One is projected to cost US$628 million. (Compare that to the $1.5 billion Burj Khalifa cost).
  • Work should commence in November 2012 through to the following March, but final approval from Chinese authorities is yet to be granted. 

Story via Curbd and Wired

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  1. Thumb up Thumb down +5

    It is 5x more efficient but 100x uglier then any sky scraper I’ve seen. Not worth it in my mind. In school we were taught that beauty is a form of sustainability… was this considered?

  2. Thumb up Thumb down +14

    Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

  3. Thumb up Thumb down +6

    The render itself seems like the poster of some apocaliptic film. The huge and horrible tower on the top of a chaotic city is set to control citizen’s minds

    • Thumb up Thumb down 0

      Indeed horrible! Looks like a giant podium. I am not necesseray against bigness but you can`t just scale a 10 floors building and make it 220. At this size, there should be a different design logic..

  4. Thumb up Thumb down -2

    Like all the buildings that are designed IN China. 100% lack of logic, sense, aesthetics, quality and taste. Is no surprise, we have to understand that in China this is not relevant, they just need to make it bigger than their competitors, get more money than anybody and that’s it. No respect for the environment, human scale is also irrelevant, quality has never been in the check list and for sure, creativity is not their thing. Hope they never get a license to do it (because they have the money)

    • Thumb up Thumb down +2

      No respect for environment? You’re 100% wrong. Do you realize this minimizes transportation costs to nearly zero? Suppose they have a grocery store in the bottom (or multiple), you don’t need a car to go shopping. Really, research Paolo Soleri’s Arcology skyscraper cities, or the concept of a Linear City. Just as cities are far more efficient for each individual resident, a city within a self-contained structure is even more efficient.

      • Thumb up Thumb down +3

        Steve, transportation costs are not minimized to zero. It takes a large support infrastructure for a building like this. There will be hundreds of trucks dropping of shipments of goods to a building like this. Yes, you don’t need a car to go shopping but it’s nice to leave home… living in a mall would be pretty horrible. I wouldn’t want to breath recycled air all day… everyday. I’d rather influence my government to provide more efficient and clean public transportation to go shopping and to go to work. These mega-structures have never worked. There is one in Caracas that is now a haven to criminals because it is hard for police to patrol like a regular urban fabric. I really hope this tower design is declined. Plus it’s just damn ugly.

  5. Thumb up Thumb down +1

    Megastructures are fairy tales. You can research the linear cities, geodesic domes of buckminster fuller, metabolist, rem and others. People aren’t meant to be closed up in some structure. Remember we tried the tower in the field/promenade before… And they’re now all getting torn down because you effectively lose the social fabric. Think about it. When you how people have lived? Place, space, community, history, nature and destination are all a big part of how we live. In 1 million sq m of box its gonna feel like some live in mall/convention center. It’s 3 times more sq ft than the burj. It may be relatively fast and cheap but I don’t think they have really gone through the social and livability study that needs to go with this kind of thing.

  6. Thumb up Thumb down 0

    hope they can sustain the concentration of that people in one place. Its going to take more fuel to bring everyone’s needs to that spot anyways.

  7. Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Why are they showing Chicago in that picture! Yes Chicago is the original “sky city” but would be nice if BSB can accurate depict the environment or setting of the building. Of course the rendering looks good on Lake Michigan!

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