Revitalization of the City of Andenne / Frédéric Haesevoets Architecture + Art and Build

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Located in the heart of Andenne, near the town square, the project by Frédéric Haesevoets Architecture + Art and Build focuses on the revitalization of the city center, to assure for the future a coherent urbanization. These future blocks will complete the existing urban fabric of the neighborhood which is booming. Carefully integrated, these blocks will fit into the urban fabric without attacking the city, on the contrary, they weave links with the surrounding streets by a sensitive treatment of the spaces. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Courtesy of Frédéric Haesevoets Architecture

We discussed the topic with a profound reflection on the concept of sustainable neighborhood in the city of Andenne, articulated around six themes: analyze the site and program, facilitate the integration, provide diversity, promote sustainable use of resources, ensure the well-being and health and organize sustainable management of the project. After this analytical thinking, we responded to the constraints of phasing the operation of revitalization.

Courtesy of Frédéric Haesevoets Architecture

To better succeed in our project and to ensure its viability, we propose a more global reflection above the competition framework by integrating the new park, the new place and offering a public emblematic building, creating a new public-spirited axis between the town square the new square created in the project.As part of our thinking we bring a contemporary response, while integrating the project into the urban fabric of the existing city center.

Courtesy of Frédéric Haesevoets Architecture

Our project of eco-neighborhood in Andenne is a place to live, exchange and sharing, through spaces both rational, hierarchical and dynamic like a real urban planning:

- The light is found in every home, it illuminates, warms and beat the living spaces,
- The architectural space is generous and pleasant, it is adapted to the functions,
- The comfort of residents is essential, it is both thermal, olfactory and visual
- Communication between users is natural, easy and friendly, it is favored by shared spaces (public square, park, breakthrough)

Courtesy of Frédéric Haesevoets Architecture

Human beings are at the center of the project. The eco-neighborhood of Andenne, just like a city, allows a variety of residential buildings to organize and articulate, in connection with the breakthrough, the new park, around particular places, the new public square and multimedia center.

Courtesy of Frédéric Haesevoets Architecture

Energy consumption has been growing constantly in recent years. To reduce the negative effects on the climate, but also the energy bill generated, it has become imperative to increase energy efficiency in all sectors. In Europe, with about 40% of the final energy consumption, the construction sector is an important tool for reducing energy consumption and contribute to the reduction of the environmental debt. The guiding principle of the project lies in the rational and relevant use of integration and building techniques in harmony with the concept of sustainable development.

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    Should be mentioned that the project in Andenne posted by Frédéric Haesevoets has been designed in collaboration with the office “Art&Build” based in Brussels.

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