El Polo House / Juan Cristóbal Valenzuela Leighton + Eduardo Rivera Barros Arquitectos

© J. Cristóbal Valenzuela L

Architects: +
Location: Colina, Chile
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: J. Cristóbal Valenzuela L

Project Area: 374 sqm
Structural Engineer: Ingevsa / Eduardo Valenzuela Sabbagh
Construction: Eduardo Mackay Jarpa EIRL

This house is located in a suburban condominium in the north area of Santiago. Each dwelling unit has a land plot of 0.5 hectares (1.2 acres), so that public space tends to be inert and reduced to wide streets designed exclusively for car transportation.

© J. Cristóbal Valenzuela L

The lot in which the house is located is large and flat, with clean views in all directions, including the hills surrounding the area. Because it is preceded by a triangular-shaped esplanade facing the intersection of two streets, the site feels even larger than it is.

© J. Cristóbal Valenzuela L

From this perspective, the proposal consists of inhabiting the extension through the construction of a boundary, so the house turns out to be the background of the esplanade and because there is no fencing it helps to blur the division between public and private space.

© J. Cristóbal Valenzuela L

With this goal in mind, the project is based on a reinforced concrete wall that runs east–west across the wider section of the lot, on top of which a two-story white volume was built. This linear layout determines a two-faced house: a north façade with all rooms oriented towards the sun with views to the private garden, and a south façade towards the exterior with deployed walls, allowing observers to have a glimpse of what happens inside the house and vice versa.

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